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Amber Portwood

Allegedly Evicted

For Conning the Government

2/16/2012 12:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood was tossed out of her Indiana home last month for scamming the government and mooching off taxpayer money -- this according to law enforcement sources.

Here's how it breaks down -- according to Amber's lease agreement, obtained by TMZ, the house she was renting in Anderson, Indiana had been subsidized by the state's "Low Income Rental Housing Tax Credit Program."

Problem is, in order to enroll in the program -- a prerequisite for moving in -- the reality star claimed she made roughly $10,000 a year ... MUCH less than what she actually earned in 2010 ... $280,000.

According to sources, Amber's massive income rendered her ineligible for subsidized housing -- no duh -- and that's the reason her landlords evicted her.

It doesn't really matter though -- Amber's still locked up in jail, awaiting final approval to enter a court-appointed drug rehab program.


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No Avatar


What the heck is this country coming to? I personally would be mortified to have a teenager that is pregnant or has a child. There is NO way in heck that a teenager is ready to raise a child, but then to make them a "star" because they have a kid - ridiculous!!! Many people have a problem with 2 men or 2 women getting married, but have nothing to say when a teenager is pregnant. Then they sit and watch the show with their kids RIDICULOUS! Many people don't even have a problem with a man aged 51 marring a 17 year old girl - what's wrong with this picture???

927 days ago

Chris Wood    

Good, throw her out and make that place available for a truly needy person.

927 days ago


Someone needs to knock that chip off of Amber Portwood's
shoulder. What a whining dishrag. That poor little child....

927 days ago


I really lol.. loving it.. can't believe they show this stuff on TV.. crazy!!

927 days ago


I hope the "Teen Mom" reality show does not continue to bankroll her. She defrauded our gov't which costs you and me, as taxpayers money. She is in jail for committing somekind of illegal activity. It would be a damn shame if the Network that broadcasts the show keeps her on as part of the cast unless the money she owes the gov't is directly taken out of her check.

927 days ago


Leave the trash in jail where it belongs!

927 days ago


Let me tell you something about this skank hole. I ****ed this pig up the ass one night, and she said she is a nymphomaniac who has ****ed, sucked and blown thousands, yes thousands of guys and also girls. She does it for money alot also she says and is proud of it. I hope this dirty filthy rotten whore NEVER gets her daughter back. She is one of the most unfit mothers I have ever come across! Worthless ****!

927 days ago


she should have to pay all the money back plus fined for lying.

927 days ago


Shows like Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant and any other show that glorifies teen sex should be thrown off the air. Why make heros of teens that do not know how to say NO!

927 days ago


i hate TMZ so much. i don't know how i ended up on this website, but i just wanted everyone to know just how much i despise it. who friggin cares. they invade people's lives. its rediculous. you woud hate it to if they did it to you.

927 days ago


This oinker is one disgusting piece of work. She needs to stay in jail and needs some more time for being a thief. I am tired of these kids playing adult games and wanting benefits for it. If you get pregnant you should be responsible for taking care of it yourself. That is what we did back in the old days. Either had the kid in the charity system or worked to pay off the bill. Worked to buy the formula and take care of the kid. No freebies except government surplus...and ya had to cook that.

927 days ago


Y didn't someone teach PWT how to buy a house with that income and go to school or something productive... Y do they have all these sill young garden tools on tv anyway... I looked at the show once that one with keffer? and the lil white girl.. I said she's headed for jail and drugs... I seen a preview of another episode and from her looks she I seemed to have hit that on the head... Though i must admit i didn't watch another episodes of young dummies in corporated II OR III...

927 days ago


What a scamming whore !!!

927 days ago
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