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"The Hunger Games"

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals ...

3/22/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence may have slipped and revealed a huge plot line about the movie everyone's dying to see -- or maybe just her cleavage. Either way ...

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Can I get the 30 second version?

915 days ago


Can she really give spoilers about a movie based on a book that, apparently, a lot of people have already read because they have no self esteem and love to read books ripped off of much better written screenplays to incredible movies from the 1980s ?

915 days ago


Good god TMZ is retarded! I dread this crap coming on my tv. It always seems to by accident. You didn't read the book because you cant read! Don't worry there's still plenty with pictures!

915 days ago


She looks great, what a bod on her. I want to see this movie.

915 days ago


Is that her first time to wear high heels? How awkward.

915 days ago


The Hunger Games is just a rip off of the Japanese film Battle Royal.

915 days ago


Two words about all this Hunger Games buzz: Battle Royale.

915 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Leaking silicone is not sexy.

915 days ago

brian murphy    

I found a cool HG fan site that basically pulled together the best of all the HG sites on the web and has a ton of fun HG top 10 lists. they also had some fun quizes and polls and things like best HG quotes and HG names true fans give their babies, plus they are giving away 100 bucks for the best fan art, might want to take a look

914 days ago


Great book! you can listen to it on Mixvid . net if you haven't already :)

914 days ago

brian murphy    

Being a huge Hunger Games fan myself I scoured the web and pulled together ALL of the best Hunger Game stuff on the net into one place.

All of the best Hunger Games Top 10 Lists, the best fansites, blogs, reviews and much, much more including Hunger Games Polls and the Ultimate Fan Quiz. From the best Hunger Games baby names to the Top 10 Hunger Games Quotes, if its not here, its not on the net lol. Plus we are giving away $100 for the best fan submitted Hunger Game Art.

914 days ago


The resident hunger games fan on your show sucks. Harvey has been horrendously misinformed. They flat out tell you in the book that the name The Hunger Games comes from the ancient Roman tradition of bread and circus. Hello? The NATION of Panem? Panem et circenses? Fire her immediately!

...Also Jennifer Lawrence is hot.

913 days ago

Gina Wilhelm Actress    

So exciting to see how far her career has come in such a short length of time.

912 days ago

James Willoughby    

I forget what I typed here, I meant to type that some aspect of my conversations w/ SOMEONE on tv that night were off.

906 days ago

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