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Angelina Jolie

I Didn't Pay Any Attention

to 'Jolieing'

3/24/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though her Oscar night pose spawned its own photo trend and even its own Twitter handle ... Angelina Jolie says she didn't pay any mind to the craze known as "Jolieing."

The woman with the most famous right leg in Hollywood tells the Huffington Post she ignored all the press following her red carpet appearance.

She told HuffPo, "I honestly didn't pay attention to it. You know what I mean? I don't watch those TV shows and if I go online and see something about myself, I don't click on it. And the people I surround myself with don't really talk about that kind of stuff ... I heard something, but I didn't pay any attention."

First we're supposed to believe she just struck the pose naturally (we're sticking with our theory that she did it on a bet -- someone told her they'd donate money to a children's charity if she stuck her leg out) ... and now we're supposed to believe she didn't relish the attention?

More people bought tickets to "The Tourist" than believed her story.


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Attention whore ----> Lie about the attention, especially when it's mocking you.

940 days ago


Versace and her stylist told her to stand that way to show off the fabric.
Anytime a star wears a designers original, they're told how to show it off the best.
I also believe that she doesn't read her own press, most quality celebrities don't...

940 days ago


I believe her/believe her story.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Do the same thing myself:

Don't click on things/people, email ...

-that will upset, annoy, pester, agitate or other p-off.

It has to be 100,000 times worse for the famous/celebs.

"I think I'll click on this/give this thread/column/critique/judgment ...a-hole ...a forum"?

-Don't think so.

Just confirms what I've known all along: She's smart.

940 days ago


Did she do it out of disdain? It actually looks very awkward,
not elegant or anything.

940 days ago


Angie sorry my dear but I dont believe you..I dont know what the reasons behind the ridiculous pose, but I think you did read about it , thinking it was hot and finding out everyone was making fun of you...please put on a few pounds, your way too thin

940 days ago


"More people bought tickets to "The Tourist" than believed her story."

What a stupid statement! That movie earned $278 million worldwide.

940 days ago


When you are really famous like Angelina you can't read and follow everything written about you. BUT when something like her leg, (Joieling) happens....she followed it, she liked it.

940 days ago


I don't think she did it for a bet, and I don't think she is oblivious to the talk about it. I think she did it for attention and no other reason. And the leg is out there in such an exaggerated fashion, it is pathetic.

940 days ago


For someone who depends on her celebrity (not her acting skills)this seeems a bit silly for her to say.

940 days ago


For someone who lives on publicity (certainly not acting skills) that seems most arrogant.

940 days ago


Angelina - the next time you show your body, please gain some weight first & use sunless tan lotion. You look too thin & too pale.

940 days ago


She just keeps proving she's a phoney f@@'n liar!
And yes you husband stealing hussy, I know you're reading this!!
ps...why would you adopt a child from a 3rd world country, just to teach it to starve itself to death anyway??

940 days ago


This bitch is so full of ****. When did she become classy? After the locket of blood around her neck? Oh no maybe after she made out with her brother? No, no wait, it was when she stole another woman's husband. Yeah that's when she became classy. Haha! She is white trash and has alot of idiots fooled. Oh and she definitely reads the things people say about her.

940 days ago

Tookie Topbox    

is this STILL news????

940 days ago


I agree, the leg is pale and skinny, and the pose is awkward and contrived. Her disdainful, haughty, superior air is really getting old. She manages here to look skinny AND wide, gawky, and painfully self-aware of herself appearing purposely unselfconscious. Oh, she pays attention...

940 days ago
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