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Whitney Houston's Death

Who's to Blame?

3/25/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The L.A. County Coroner's findings on Whitney Houston's death has not settled the case -- by a long shot.  Fingers are pointing in all directions, casting blame. 

So we gotta ask ...


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to sum me a hero and i will write you a tragedy...f scott fitzgerad

951 days ago


So glad saner minds are prevailing. I was beginning to think people believed that Whitney only ever took coke at gunpoint and was a robot controlled by enablers and men. Wasn't this supposedly a DIVA? A "strong woman." I wonder if the same people take responsibility in their own lives, or is someone else always to blame?

951 days ago


I think once someone gets into the grip of addictive drugs they are no longer capable of making rational decisions on their own. Thats why they say intervention with family and friends, work associates, etc needs to happen. Instead when you have wealthy and well known people that are able to buy whatever they want including friends,entourages, and some family members continue thru these enablers because no one wants to make them mad or lose the perks and money that comes with being with them. Alot of addicts out there that can't afford rehab or any kind of help to get off presciption pain pills. It's really ridiculous when you have these wealthy stars who have the money and resources for help that they don't get any because of all their enablers don't and won't say no to them. I do think Whitneys death is partially her fault. But I also blame her enablers and who ever did and was providing her with the coke equally for her death or any one's death in this manner.

951 days ago


It's so sad, all the friends and relatives blaming everyone but Whitney. You can't find a photo of her in the last five years where she isn't completely wasted. You can only blame Whitney, she was the only one who could have changed her situation, but she didn't want to.

951 days ago


Whitney's Manager/Sister-in-law says that for over 20 years she spent almost every waking moment with her; looking out for her, yet claims she had no idea that Whitney was using illegal drugs again. Logic & reason would dictate that she's lying about what she knows.

951 days ago


show me a hero and i will write you a tragedy....f. scott fitzgerald

951 days ago


The ultimate choice for Whitney taking Cocaine was herself. Addicts need to take responsibility for themselves.
Stop blaming Bobby. They both did cocaine together. They were both each others enablers. If he was not there, she most like would have still done cocaine.

951 days ago


My only comment/question is...would TMZ/Harvey have the balls to put up a 9 question vote poll on Kim Kardashian?

951 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Listen, we're all going to die, every single one of us. Many of us will die by accident or illness, and some will be murdered, some will commit suicide. For the majority of us, our loved ones won't think it's fair, they'll think it wasn't our time, the could have stopped it, or it was somebody else's fault. But it won't matter, we'll still be dead, and eventually they will be too. We all die.

951 days ago


TMZ puts these polls for more clicks

951 days ago


From the mid-80s to the mid-90s, I was as big a Whitney Houston fan as any. In fact, I listened to her first album so much, I wore out the cassette tape and had to beg my parents to buy me another one. :) However, like many, it was hard to watch her, starting in the late 90s, make decisions that directly impacted her once-amazing voice and promising future.

People want to blame Bobby Brown, the media, the music industry, her family, etc. for her descent. Personally, I don't think that's fair or true. Case in point: her 2002 Diane Sawyer interview. Everyone remembers it for the "Crack is whack" comment. But to me, the most revealing thing she said was this: "I don't like to think of myself as an addict. I like to think of...I had a bad habit which can be broken."

I truly believe Whitney carried this mentality to the end. They say the first step to overcoming addiction is admitting you have a problem. Unfortunately, I don't think she ever made it to step one.

If you know anything about cocaine addiction and some of the things people do when someone is ODing (or close to ODing), it's not hard to take a guess at what happened in Whitney Houston's hotel room the day she died. Therefore, the LAPD are wise to not investigate further; doing so would likely tarnish Whitney Houston's legacy more. By closing the case with the coroner's report, the responsibility for her death is ultimately placed where it belongs: on Whitney.

As sad as that is for those (like me) who admired her to's the truth.

951 days ago


Enogh with Houston. Stop trying to sugarcoat her she was no saint and nobody to blame but Whitney herself.

951 days ago


Stop blaming Bobby Brown. Whitney was doing drugs long before he even name into the picture.

951 days ago


what outrages me and saddens me overwhelmingly is thinking of the New Jersey mothers and families of US soldiers killed in war during the past few years
when their loved one's bodies came back to New Jersey for burial, no politican lowered the flag to half mast in honor of their sacrifice and noble life
and yet they had to watch with the rest of the world while the state flags were lowered for a drug addicted former superstar's death
there seems to be disconnect there to me and unfortunately it showed the world who is truely valued in our country and it was an embarrassment to us all!
if I were a deceased soldier's relative living in NJ, I'd be outraged and would have made a huge noise about that to the media the minute news came out that they were going to lower the flags for her

951 days ago


Why is it when a black celebrity dies the family always says that it was murder, foul play, and there has to be a cover up?
They think that everyone is out to get the black folk. GROW UP!

951 days ago
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