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John Travolta

Dee Plane

Proves I Wasn't In L.A.

5/10/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta
was not in L.A. the day a masseur claims the actor sexually assaulted him ... in fact, Travolta flew to New York the night before ... TMZ has learned.

We checked flight records which show Travolta's jet took off from Los Angeles International Airport at 8:21 PM on January 15, 2012 and landed at 3:59 AM the next morning in Westchester County, NY.

The masseur's lawyer claims Travolta met the masseur in question at the Beverly Hills Hotel at 10 AM on January 16, but the flight records show differently.

We've also learned Travolta stayed at The Greenwich Hotel in NYC on the 16th. We posted pics of Travolta taken for a wardrobe fitting on the 16th in the late afternoon -- pics that were taken for his upcoming movie. Notice the photo showing the hotel bathroom ... the tile floor, the marble on the walls and the bathroom door match the photos in which Travolta appears.

Travolta also went to Mr. Chow in NYC in the evening on the 16th. 

So the actor was firmly ensconced in The Big Apple during the time frame the masseur claims the assault occurred.

John Travolta

Costume Designer Says

Masseur's Claim is Bogus

A costume designer who shot the photos of John Travolta at a New York hotel says there is no way in hell Travolta met up with a masseur in L.A.. the same day.

Denise Wingate, who worked as the costume designer for Travolta's movie, "Killing Season," tells TMZ she was in the actor's New York suite at The Greenwich Hotel for most of the afternoon on January 16 -- the day a masseur claims Travolta sexually accosted him at a Beverly Hills hotel.

Wingate says she took a bunch of pictures -- including the ones TMZ posted -- during the session that lasted around 3 1/2 hours.  She also says 4 other people were in the room with Travolta and herself.

Wingate, who also fitted Robert De Niro at the hotel the same day, says Travolta was at the hotel almost the entire day, running his lines for the movie.

As we reported, we also obtained the flight plan which shows Travolta flew out of L.A. the evening of January 15 and landed in New York in the early hours of the 16th.

Wingate says any notion that Travolta was in Beverly Hills on the 16th "is absolutely absurd."

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'Dallas' Star Jesse Metcalfe

I Sold My $1.7 Million Mansion


Jesse Metcalfe
is too busy working on the remake of "Dallas" to be bothered with Los Angeles ... choosing to unload his so cal mansion for a cool $1.7 million.

The 33-year-old former "Desperate Housewives" star -- who has been in Texas filming his new show -- sold his 2,000 sq. ft, 3-bdrm, 3-bath Beverly Hills home recently.

The rustic mansion features hardwood floors, exposed dark wood beams, stone fireplaces, a built in BBQ, Koi pond and cascade waterfall for all you nature-loving zen seekers out there.

So sayonara Jesse ... don't let the Koi pond hit you on the way out.

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The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star and her husband Joe Gorga -- Teresa Giudice's brother -- have listed their six bedroom, seven bathroom Montville Township mansion for a whopping $3.8 million.


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Z, Stirling    

I'd like to comment on the John Travolta story. I never did believe it; the accusation was just made by one of the ****roaches trying to get a piece of the action. All of us have this same problem, being bothered by lying people. I just received a recorded phone call saying I was in trouble with my credit card. I do not and will not own a credit card. All I can do, I guess, is hang up. John Travolta is a good man, and becomes more handsome with each recent photo of him published. Just having to fill in my name, as above, I place myself in a vulnerable position, but I wanted to comment enough to risk it.

866 days ago


So What if John Travolta did ask for "Extras."
If he said no and nothing happened, Who The F)(% cares. just another looser looking to cash in on someone else that has made it in life.
Listen Up All You Low life masseur's. If you hate your life then change it. You chose to become a masseur and if you hate it so much then quit.
Take what ever you get for your 15 minutes of fame over this and pay someone to tutor you and go back to school. I here that they need a cashier at the local 7 - 11 store. That is if your double digit IQ is enough for you to make change. You don't need to add & subtract with these "new Fangled Cash registers" they have out today. As long as you can see the difference between a 1, 5, 10 & 20 dollar bill, YOU GOT THE JOB!!!!

866 days ago


John Travolta should sue the holy heck out of that guy and the media for running the story trying to make him look bad. John Travolta had enough with the media when he lost his son. Leave him alone.

866 days ago


Oh John ..We know your as gay as they come. Time for you to open your closet door and come out

866 days ago


Even if John Travolta did ask and stopped when the masseur (what a crappy job, they can't be to bright doing this job in the first place) Would some body please tell me how asking for "Extras" can be worth $2,000,000.. Oh that's right, the lawyer gets 33%, that will give him $660...,000. for every client he is representing. Didn't their lawyer say he had about 100 others masseurs wanting in on this? That will mean that the lawyer will never need to work again! While the masseur's will pay $643,200. in taxes, leaving them $696,800. With that amount of cash you know the masseur's parents will want their son to purchase them a home ( Something that is not on wheels) and a van that was made this century. But you, (the masseur) will go out and purchase a fancy car & a new wardrobe. Then you will go to a strip club (Girl or Guy strippers, what ever your preference,) and naturally you will be a big tipper. Then all those friends that lost touch with over the years will come by asking you to party with them & of course do some blow. When it is all said & done, you will need to sell that new, trashed, smelly, car for 1/2 what you paid for it 3 months earlier, just to pay your rent; because your parents will be to embarrassed to have their "Infamous" low life son stay in the house he bought them.
Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame you LOSERS.

866 days ago


Even if John is a switch hitter which I doubt, how can he or anyone be a dog enough to cheat on not just any wife but John's wife? She's gave birth what....3 times, in her 40s now, still looks 22, and still has one of the best bodys in the world let alone on a screen. Last time I check, John loves her more than air and water and isn't showing signs of insanity. Tell these gold diggers to go to hell where they dug this fabrication up. Kick their lyin asses John!!!!

866 days ago


Leave him and Kelly alone! They are great people that have been through alot of hardships! I support them even though they have the money but are down to earth like me and my husband. There is no doubt in my mind they could and would come to my home and feel the comfort zone like they do at theirs. That is just the type of people they are. Love to you both John and Kelly! From our family to yours! LEJ

866 days ago


You did not read or understand this story, Did You?

866 days ago


Is John Travoltas sexual orientation really anyones concern other than his and his families. Seriously. He is an actor. The only thing he owes anyone is a decent performance for my price of admission.

866 days ago


i think if Travolta really liked Willy's Wonka he could easily hire a prostitute, but by all means continue on with the investigation.

866 days ago


John I am sure is smarter than that! He knows how damaging that could be to his rep. I say press leave the man alone! He's done nothing wrong.

866 days ago


The best to you and Kelly, Never believe it about you being untrue to your family.

866 days ago


I love it. These money grubbers had better get their facts straight. What about the shady lawyers that do this. Blackball them from the profession.

866 days ago


can't be 2 places at the same time ... Counter sue the maseurrs lawer for liabil damages...

866 days ago


I still think he did it.

866 days ago
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