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President Obama

Cologne Cover-Up Exposed

6/8/2012 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama smells so good -- according to Vivica A. Fox -- we figured there's got to be something wrong. Now, TMZ investigates the "Great Cologne Cover-up of 2012" ... or something like that.

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833 days ago


Too bad it was the Republicans who caused this mess, though.

833 days ago


Some of the things you posts are just not funny. Stop just posting anything to take up space.

833 days ago

Sam Sunshine     


833 days ago


Obama has a million jobs ready to go, but the Republican-stacked Senate and Congress are sitting on delays to help Romney get elected. The statistics show that Obama has had steady job creation that has even succeeded beyond the goals he set at the time of his election. I don't understand why politicians like Romney can falsely report the statistics without consequences.

832 days ago

Jackazz flatts    

Obum belongs in a zoo

832 days ago


Obama is a puppet for Big Banks and Corporations, he's just an actor or spokesmodel for them, the 2 party system was created to give you the illusion you have a choice and some control of your Government with a vote so you don't realize America is a fascist dictatorship and not a Republic, if you believe you have a dog in this race by voting Republican or Democrat then I got a bridge on Mars for you. waste your time blaming whatever party you want but at the end of the day the banks and corporations that own and control our Government will still be there.

832 days ago


We need to clean house and start fresh. What happened to .... for the people by the people. Bush and his bin laden buddies made loads of cash during the 08 crash. Bush SR. And the Carlyle Group. Bush jrs best friend from his so called service days, manages the bin ladens monetery interests here in the states. Conflict of intrest. Being potus pays 400,000 Carlyle group paid the bush's 1.7 billion. Who do they care for more, you and I?

832 days ago


Why don't we all help eachother and stop this nonsensical circus cartoon, we need peace and health and friends and family, this is an abomnatuionn and truly demeaning to the soul.

130 days ago

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