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Kristen Stewart


She's the Fall Guy

8/16/2012 12:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0815_kristen_stewart_rupert_sanders_fameflynet-DATEKristen Stewart has publicly shown remorse over her affair with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director, but privately she is FURIOUS she's taking all the heat ... sources directly connected with Kristen tell TMZ.

Our sources tell us ... Kristen can't believe the public isn't painting Rupert Sanders as the bad guy.  She's grousing that he's 19 years her senior and was "in a position of power over her" ... being a director of a movie she had just shot and presumably someone she was going to work with again.

Kristen is also incensed that she's being called the big cheater. Although she knows she shouldn't have done it because she was in a committed relationship with Robert Pattinson, she feels Rupert is in a totally different and far more culpable situation, being married with 2 kids.

We're told Kristen fears her career may be irreparably damaged -- something she believes she doesn't deserve as a 22-year-old single woman who made a stupid mistake.


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The woman always takes the beating, it's as old as time. He's at fault for cheating on his wife and Kirsten, you KNEW he was married, you could and should have said NO and I don't believe after your success in the Twilight movies, saying no would have affected your future in movies. What you have done is probablymore detrimental to your future success than if you had said no. It's over and done, you both have proved you aren't to be trusted. As for that I'm only 22 crap, I know lots of women at 22 who aren't cheating with married men.

713 days ago


People tell you that you should not judge someone, what a load of crap! You both are just as guilty of causing the pain and anguish his wife and children are feeling. Not only should not have done it because YOU were in a committed relationship, you shouldn't have done it because HE was in one with two children to boot. Sounds like you would have been OK with it if you weren't....selfish B**CH !!! And don't worry about your career, look at Branelina, those two pigs are going strong.

713 days ago


I understand where Kristen is coming from why she's upset. Yes she did wrong but it takes two and in this case everyone is acting like Rupert was taken adventage of by Kristen and not a willing party. Everyone is putting her down, calling her names and trying to make her feel like she ruin Rupert's and his family life when the truth is that he did that. Yes she did know that he is married and that she should of never let herself get into that situation with him, but he too knew he was married and he still went for it without a second thought to HIS WIFE OR KIDS.. They meant that little to him.. Yet he's not the one being slammed, he bascially is getting a way with a slap on the wrist and Kristen is the one taking all the heat. And this is not the first time he's done this to his wife. Yet he is coming out of this situation with barely a mark on him and as for Kristen not only has she lost Rob, but she's been dropped from movies and is being mad to look like a homewreaking tramp like she was the only one to force Rupert into their little fling. So I agree with her the blame should be on both not just her. So if your gonna bad mouth her make sure you bad mouth him as well.. Because he had more to lose and he didn't care, the thought of his wife and kids didn't stop him from being there with Kristen, just like the thought of Rob didn't stop her. But in this case Rupert is coming out of this blameless..

713 days ago


Everyone makes mistakes at some point in their lives,it's when you keep repeating the same things to make them not be classified as mistakes,The wife and Robert should forgive them and try to save their relationships and be cautious at the same time,because if it happens again then the wife needs to take him to the cleaners and Robert should move on(he can definitely find someone to appreciate him).You have to forgive ppl,how many times did Jesus forgive?

713 days ago


There're both equally responsible sorry. I don't think either will get away with it. She learned a harsh lesson and it might be expensive for her as well as Rubert.

713 days ago


Since the biblical tale of Eve promoting the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden women have been been villified in premaritaland extra marital relaions see : Scarlet Letter
Ingrid Berman
Hamlet's mom
Christine beatty
La Malinche
K Stewart
The Tidal basin bombshell
Monica Lewinsky
As the fellows pointed out we women are sometimes the worst critics.
as adults we should take the responsibilty for our actions but I agree the producer was MARRIED and should not have betrayed his wife and family. The newspapers and other media should let the story die and concetrate on less personal issues.
As with Chris Brown and Rhianna the fight sold papers but i would have filed a cvil suit loss of wages and pain suffering look at my pretty fortune maker face NEVER A FELONY.Like Tiger woods wife she probably did hit him with a golf club EVER heard of Go phone and aka names Tiger?
The same with Chris let it go to voicemail Player!!!

713 days ago


kirsten and rupert are equally wrong.

713 days ago


Whatever happened to SIN?
It is a shame that nobody wants to admit that they sinned; that they did wrong. Stop blaming someone else. In this instance it takes TWO to commit adultery. Both are at fault, both are wrong, both sinned.

713 days ago


Kristen, be a woman. Stop being a baby. You made your bed. Now you have to lay in it. You are just as responsible as Rupert for your so called "momentary discretion". Learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them. I and many others do not feel sorry for you. You had everything (Rob in the palm of your heart), and you let him slip away because you needed a sexual fix. Do yourself and everyone involved a favor --- Move on and become a better person for you, not others.

713 days ago


One word "NO"

713 days ago

Joe M    

She has the right to have a relationship with someone if she chooses. But there is something she is not understanding. She is not really remorseful over her actions.....she is only regretful now because of the repercussions to her image. If you want the fame, unfortunately the public scrutiny is going to come along with that excitement. When you are remorseful for something, you focus on your own side of the street don't point the finger and say I'm less wrong because he is a "bad guy" too! Without that acceptance of the responsibility, there is no true remorse. This is definitely not the worst scandal imaginable....this is light weight stuff! But this will be a good lesson.... The public doesn't care about "his" actions because he is not famous. But it would have been better to not say anything, than to say "look at his mistake" simply because you are no longer infatuated with him....It makes you look small and insincere!

713 days ago


Everyone should just get over it. He (Rupert) was a sleaze for cheating on his wife and she should take him to the cleaners. Kristen should move on, she was wrong as well. But this is Hollywood and that is the way it goes.. Just good PR.

713 days ago

Robert Cohn    

We are all responsible for our actions, and so is she. She should have known better, but apparently doesn't, and if she never works again, I dcannot feel sorry for her.
Obvviously the director is a loser too.

713 days ago


christ who cares Kristen! takes 2!

713 days ago


What this has shown:

That TMZ has some posters with an IQ of 19 (instead of 22).

713 days ago
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