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Clint Eastwood

Bumbles Through

Invisible Obama Schtick

8/31/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood brought down the partisan crowd at the RNC by stumbling through an 11-minute bit last night that was supposed to be painfully hysterical ... but might have been just painful.

The legendary actor/director got on stage and addressed an empty stool next to him, saying ... "I've got Mr. Obama sitting here. I just was gonna ask him a couple questions."

During the schtick 82-year-old Clint seemed confused at times as he critiqued the President's 4 years in office ... and set up punchlines like, "What do you want me to tell Romney? I can't tell him to do that. He can't do that to himself."

President Obama responded to the invisible routine this morning by tweeting a pic of the back of his chair with the message, "This seat's taken."

No doubt, landing an icon like Eastwood to warm up the crowd for Mitt Romney was a coup for the GOP -- but still, we gotta ask ...


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That was sad. I had my back turned to the TV when Clint started speaking and I didn't even recognize his voice. He sounded hesitant, trembly and old, not like the assertive and confident Cliunt we used to know. When I looked at his face I could barely recognize him. He is very worn down by age. Someone should have written a short speech for him and made him stick to it, instead of letting him ramble and make himself look so old and deteriorated. Kirk Douglas is much older (95 now?) and has speech impaired from a stroke, but Kirk still comes across as a strong man and a good speaker. I guess people age in different ways.

780 days ago

Bitch please    

How much worse can Romney do that Obama already did.

780 days ago

No comment    

TMZ you are in it for Obama. It is clear by all the stories you post that are negative about the Republicans, yet you never have one negative story about Obama or his camp. I am not coming back until after the election.

780 days ago


That was embrassing, poor Clint. It reminds me of the embrassing gaffe Bette Davis pulled at the Academy Awards. She was in her 80's and got up there clearly not knowing where she was or what was going on and started ranting and raving about somebody or something. To be kind ot Mr. Eastwood, they should have cut him off.

It's hard to see Dirty Harry get senile. I guess that explains the moron he is married to, the idiotic "reality show" of hers, the fact that she manages a "boy band" the fact that he lets her walk all over him. At this point, I'm sure Clint does not do much more than eat, sleep and then sleep some more. Poor guy. Aging sucks.

780 days ago


Eastwood said what needed to be said about the American people, politicians, and Obama. If you are in the tank for Obama or offended by the voice of an older person you will miss the import of what he said. For the rest of us and the crowd at that convention he did just great.

780 days ago


Hopefully Obama won't be sitting in that chair much longer. What a clown.

780 days ago


President Romney will visit Hurricane torn New Orleans today (Friday) while former President Obama will visit New Orleans on (Monday) right after a campaign stop in Ohio.

780 days ago


tmz, why dont you ask this about our vice prez?

780 days ago


I find it pretty stupid that there is a sign on the back of Obama's chair. Really? You can't figure out where to sit unless your chair has a sign on it?

780 days ago

Miley is a whore    

haha epic burn by obama. clint is a senile old fool

780 days ago


All the Democrats have to do is stay quiet and watch the Republicans continue to reinforce negative images of old, white, males running their party.

780 days ago


TMZ is liberal just like the state of California is broken. Clint was and is great.

780 days ago


Loved Clint ! It shouldn't have been a chair should have been a footstool because that's about how effective Barry has been.

Why don't people get it? Clooney and Company get all the face time in the world because they drank the Kool-Aid.

Clint was using humor. It was ABOVE the heads of Democrats .

The country is a BUSINESS and Mitt needs to run it not some, guy who is selling us all to China and making us less safe by downsizing our military.

If you are a Democrat fine, but VOTE with your WALLET in mind, you can't afford four more years of Barry.

780 days ago


Obama is a piece of S**t for a President. What Eastwood did is exactly what obama is...AN ABSENT PRESIDENT!!!

780 days ago


I found the comments on Reddit about this last night to be a lot more insightful. But then again, this is TMZ. Press the "Hate" button all you want, but there are three branches of government. The president (executive branch) can't do everything themselves because of the "checks and balances." That's where Congress (legislative branch) comes in. Herein lies the problem. For the last 3 1/2 years the Republicans in Congress dragged their feet, stuck their fingers n their ears and didn't get very much done for the sole purpose of blaming President Obama for not getting anything done in the 2012 election. Anyone with a high school education should know that the president can't magically do everything themselves.

780 days ago
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