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'Secret Princes' Star

Smells Like Guillotine Spirit

9/29/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lord Robert Walters claims he's the descendant of a super-famous British king with a penchant for beheading his wives .... so, WHO WANTS A DATE???

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This show is truly idiotic, but mostly sad and disgusting. It's revealing how depraved so-called "royalty" has become. These cloawns are imply attention whores. They aren't doing anything postive for thier people - they just want to be on TV. Sad. The promotion of Race mixing is truly DISGUSTING. I hope the White guys get rick-rolled by Atlanta's "diverse" population. Atlanta is rapidly becoming Detroit South. Thankfully the White surrounding communities are legally seperatiing from the Black Hole that is Atlanta. Whites don't owe Negroes a THING, and should not pay for Swipin' Dat EBT.

Why don't these morons just do the show in Kinishawa, and get it over with? GROSS.

751 days ago


Ugh...this guy cannot be descended from Henry VIII...because none of his children (Mary, Elizabeth, Edward) had children. That's why James, son of Mary Queen of Scots, became king after Elizabeth died. There were no more Tudors. So this dude is a total fraud!

751 days ago


TLC has really failed of late. They should hire people who know something about royalty before titling a program "Secret Princes." Lord Robert is not a prince. "Lord" is NOT a title. "Lord" is a styling that is used by a peer,or by some of a peer's sons.

Henry VIII does not have direct descendants; his son died before having children. The descent is from The Royal House of Tudor-- perhaps through Henry's sister, Margaret. Elizabeth II is descended from the Tudors.
In order to be a royal, one must be the legitimate offspring of a king, prince, or queen regnant. There are many illegitimate offspring of royal descendants about and there is nothing special about it.

751 days ago

Marie Alexandre     

Denise (the comment bellow this): oh please you are just mad that in the show that they went out with other races not only white women, as if you would have had a chance with them. so get over yourself. the women they had of other races were very beautiful and you wouldn't compare so you are just jealous and want them to go out with average looking white girls like you so you will feel better about yourself. they are adults they can go out with whoever they want just like no one is telling you who to date.

751 days ago


He could be descended from Henry VIII. Henry VIII, just like most kings, had mistresses, who had children by him. He acknowledged one of them, Henry Fitzroy, and made a Duke of him. He also had a whole bunch of others who were believed to have been fathered by him.

738 days ago


Denise, you are just a racist hick. Tell me, is it difficult to type with a white hood?

730 days ago

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