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Hey, Katy Perry ...

Who's Got

Your Vote?

10/26/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1025-katy-perry-tmz-tvKaty Perry's being very mysterious about who she's backing for president -- but with the aid of some very scientific polling formulas we've narrowed it to 2 options. We know ... genius.

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No Avatar

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

She just wouldn't be able to handle the death threats from liberals so she's showing her true colors, moron.

693 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Bimbos for Obama

693 days ago


Katy has a thing for losers.

693 days ago


Katy likes the cheap real estate as the best reason to keep supporting Obama. As long as she can get a $10mill place for $5mill she's happy.

Doesn't matter if the whole country is hurting and on food stamps as long as she gets hers. That is how rich liberals operate.

693 days ago


before i saw this i was leaning barack... im now backing romney straight up

693 days ago


And gee how much money did that dress cost her and how much is she worth and how much did her house cost and how many ritzy vacations does she take with Rihanna...doesn't she realize that Obama doesn't like rich people - oh yeah, it's only rich people who don't give him money that he doesn't like.

693 days ago

OH NO!    

I'd like to stick it in her Joe Biden!! Nothing like sloppy white chicks!!! I'm sure I would get Russell Brand Herpes, but I'd live with it.

693 days ago



693 days ago


I'm obsessed with talking about liberals. Liberals, liberals, liberals, I just can't stop saying the word followed by childish insults, I guess when you lack intelligence and are filled with hate this is what you do, liberal loons!

693 days ago


Wow, some slut that doesn't know how to pick a husband, is telling me who to pick for President. I better listen to her.

693 days ago


By now Your celebrity boss has asked You "How its looking on TMZ for Obama CeleFans".
Please dont hesitate to tell them the Truth....
The public is tired of Celebs Bullying Clint, Stacey etc., and just basically tired of their uninformed ass sitting in a minimum $1 million dollar mansion "rocking the vote" for a Guy that wants to redistribute Celebs wealth as well as stop overall job creation, Oil independence and lacks the moral compass to LEAD in any area besides trying to get in Mitt's face during a National Debate &then only because it made him look weak, yet Obama doesn’t talk that way to Ahmadinjead or anybody who is doing something really jacked up on the WORLD STAGE. So go back to your red carpet and Your limos, & Please DONT tell us how to vote, because WE LIKE YOU, BUT we WONT stand for You telling US HOW to vote, WHY? Because the $$$ of Gas is $4.00 and food is crazy-hi too. OBTW, please tell yr Guy Obama not to bother getting gas $$$ lower over the next 2 weeks or actually stepping out of the way of the Keystone Pipeline so the U.S. can become oil independent & also generate minimum thousands of jobs NOW/at this time...please tell him NOT to do it NOW, just not NOW...WHY? BECAUSE HE COULD have been doing it a LONG TIME ago but for some STRANGE reason he didn’ got only 12 words left to say& I hope they stick: 2 LATE...2 MAKE a DIFFRENCE NOW...keep it movin...K?! buh bye!

693 days ago


Who is Katie Perry voting, this puzzle is even better than unscramble the celeb and spot the difference. I'm stumped, any cryptographers in the house? My guess is Ron Paul.

692 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

DAMN that broad is built for pleasure too bad it's not mine. Le sigh.

692 days ago


Leave it to Katy Perry to make voting look sexy. She looks smoking hot in those skin tight, latex outfits. Katy is one of the hottest and most talented musicians I've seen in a long time.

Glad to see she's voting for right person for President. Mitt Romney would totally screw up America like George W. Bush did.

I bet Romney would let Wall Street run wild without regulations and wreck the economy all over again. I bet Romney would get us into another 10 year war with Iran if he won the election.

America cannot afford to have another idiot right winger like George W. Bush in the White House. Be smart and vote for Obama. He's been cleaning up GW Bush's huge mess as well as he could. I think the economy will start roaring again pretty soon.

692 days ago


As if we needed further evidence that she is an idiot.

692 days ago
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