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Ben Affleck

Heads to Capitol Hill --

The Congo Needs Our Help!

12/19/2012 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Affleck -- famous actor, director and screenwriter -- is now adding congressional testifier to his resume ... 'cause the "Argo" star just hit Capitol Hill to ask for U.S. intervention in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Affleck addressed the House Armed Services Committee on the security situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo this morning, claiming militant rebel groups have destabilized the country for long enough ... and it's time the U.S. put an end to the violence once and for all.

Why is Affleck qualified to talk about the Congo problems? Well, he happens to be the founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, a humanitarian group that provides funding for local leaders and organizations in the eastern Congo.

Fancy that.


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Wish all these idiot suck-a$$ actors would stick to their day jobs and OUT of politics!!!!

672 days ago


What a true red blooded American humanitarian.

672 days ago


There needs to be a black face when dealing with the Congo. No one has any respect for anywhere in Africa.

672 days ago


Ok Im an Afflect fan. He and his wife seem like genuine people. Good family ya know so I went and read about Ben and the Congo. In a nutshell hes not asking for any more money to be spent nor is he asking for boots on the ground. Both of which like others here I would be saying hell no. It seems hes asking for US to use their power to get both sides to the table and send some strong diplomatic personages there to get the "military" to stop slaughtering people, mking kids be soldiers and raping the women. Estimates are 3 out of 4 women in the Congo have been raped. Sounds like a huge job but Bill Clinton should go and take Jimmy Carter with him. Ben's heart is in the right place but I cant even get my head around how to straighten out the Congo.

672 days ago


Thats right Ben ask to send in young men to put their life on the line because you say so. While you sit all comfy in ur million dollar mansion. How about you join the army and head in first to Congo. Still sound like a good idea Mr Affleck ?

672 days ago


How many people in the Congo watch his movies? Isn't Ben aware of our fiscal deficit and recession?

672 days ago

Bad Dog    

Sorry idiot, we need to get our troops out of foreign countries not put them in more. Pretty sad, the world and drones like this scream for America to get involved and then scream when we do. Time for the US govt to work on problems here before we give money or our troops to other countries.

672 days ago

Brian Arrington    

I'm really tired of these celebrities and their causes. I respect Ben, but don't understand why they think there opinions count more than anyone else's just because they make more money than God for making movies. Sean Penn's dedication to Haiti is based, if I'm not misstaken, was based on a court ordered community service due to his behavior as a result of his drinking or drug use. It blows me away that they think their "causes" are all so miscontrued....

672 days ago


No one cares about the Congo Ben let's focus on....our country..and focus on making your movies watchable....

672 days ago


Ben...finally made a movie thats now he wants to send our young men to fight for a country that doesnt need us to fight for them....ben get a anything but involved in adult situations...
if stupid was an olympic get the gold!

672 days ago


How about start helping our own people..Just check the PINE RIDGE in South Dakota..
The poverty on Pine Ridge can be described in no other terms than third world. It is common to find homes overcrowded, as those with homes take in whoever needs a roof over their heads. Many homes are without running water, and without sewer.

Pine Ridge Statistics as of 2007
•Unemployment rate of 80-90%
•Per capita income of $4,000
•8 Times the United States rate of diabetes
•5 Times the United States rate of cervical cancer
•Twice the rate of heart disease
•8 Times the United States rate of Tuberculosis
•Alcoholism rate estimated as high as 80%
•1 in 4 infants born with fetal alcohol syndrome or effects
•Suicide rate more than twice the national rate
•Teen suicide rate 4 times the national rate
•Infant mortality is three times the national rate
•Life expectancy on Pine Ridge is the lowest in the United States and the 2nd lowest in the Western Hemisphere. Only Haiti has a lower rate.

672 days ago


Sick of hearing Americans say "what about America" when they aren't doing squat themselves but sitting there acting like they deserve help when they can't even bother to try help a neighbor.

672 days ago


It's funny how the U.S. brags about the might of its military but never puts it to good use. It seems were in every country just like a decoration.

672 days ago


Africans rape and pillage their own country. Even after its liberation from slavery.

672 days ago



670 days ago
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