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Maria Sharapova

SLAMS Serena Williams ...

Now It's Personal!

6/22/2013 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Sharapova's rivalry with Serena Williams has left the tennis court and gotten SUPER personal ... and today Sharapova delivered an overhead smash about Serena's dating life for all the world to hear. 

Serena fired the first shot in a Rolling Stone interview recently where she ripped on Sharapova (she didn't mention Maria by name, but the interviewer assumed it was her) by saying, "She’s still not going to be invited to the cool parties. And, hey, if she wants to be with the guy with a black heart -- go for it."

FYI -- Maria is dating one of Serena's rumored exes. 

In a pre-Wimbledon press conference today, Sharapova took out her claws and got catty ... bringing up the fact that Serena is rumored to be dating her tennis coach (who is possibly still married).

Game. Set. Cat fight.

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She's not active jehovah witness anymore. Only grew up as one

486 days ago

Bankie The Wizard    

The original comment by Williams was clearly a rip on her EX - not Sharapova. This "cat fight" is engineered by the media.

Sharapova's a moron for reacting and all Williams needs to do is disregard and she wins.

486 days ago


What is the big deal?
I live in the south and people say ****** all the time. Most southerners don't have a problem with blacks and mean nothing by it . We just hate the mexicans

486 days ago

Tom Jones    

Serena and Maria make it the Women's finals in July. Immediately after Serena hits the opening serve, Maria will yell "Spasibo!" which in Russian means thank you. Serena, not understanding Russian will think that it is a curse word and jump over the net to attack and show Serena who is boss. Sensing a golden opportunity, the Wimbleton organizers will immediately coat the entire tennis court in jello creating the world's largest cat fight jello wrestling match. Seconds into the jello match, the WWF will sign Serena and Maria to a $100 million contract to travel the world doing bikini jello wrestling. While touring Russia, Putin, who is now divorced will become excited seeing Maria wrestling in a bikini and instantly sweep her off her feet and want to marry her. However, Maria and Serena will have become romantically attracted to each other due to their continuous jello excursions, become the first same sex couple to marry after the repeal of DOMA in the U.S. and have an open marriage with Putin the biological father of their children.

486 days ago


According to the NY Post, guessing it wasn't a "cool party"...
As controversy swirls around a new do***entary about Venus and Serena Williams on the eve of Wimbledon, Serena calmly co-hosted a pre-tournament party with fellow tennis stars Maria Sharapova, Laura Robson and Heather Watson for the Women’s Tennis Association on Thursday night.

486 days ago


i wonder why you guys keep commenting on girls ....99 percent of commentators here are females or gays.....you shouldnt give your opinion on another gender that you have no interest in banging....that s view as pure hate

486 days ago


Dear all,

It really shows the lack of class on Sharapova's part to give back such a response. A chance to be a bigger person was given to her, but finally, she s exposed for what is.

Her supporters fall into 3 categories: 1) Those who hate Serena's superiority and wish to support Sharapova out of a sense of 'fairness' (the Aniston-Jolie thing); 2) Racists, particularly from Russia; 3) Blind men who find her giant self unattractive.

Serena will always be better than this 'thing'. Meanwhile, Sharapove can grunt her way with Serena's sloppy seconds.

486 days ago

The Zombie    

Serena Williams looks like a dude. Just sayin'.

486 days ago


Beauty and Beast; the big, fat, ugly Beast!

486 days ago


In the end, the "TENNIS RACKETS" are going to do the "TALKING"!!! Maria Sharapova should consider herself "BLESSED" that she's lasted as long as she has in professional tennis. Serena Williams ISN'T "UGLY". She's a very well conditioned athlete who "WORKS HER AZZ OFF" in an "EXTREMELY BIASED" sport that prefers "CAUCASIANS" to dominate. Her accomplishments speak for themselves. Serena Williams will just "KEEP SMILING" while she "SMACKS SHARA POO POO'S AZZ" DOWN ON THE TENNIS COURT!!!

486 days ago



486 days ago


Serena the blood doping She Beast!

486 days ago


Just to clarify, Serena IS ugly. She doesn't work her A... off because it bounces every which way but loose when she is playing and that aint all muscle, by a long shot. Lastly, she should just keep "smiling?" She is one of the crabbiest, mouthiest, most ill-tempered, nasty, moody and vile players out there, male or female, now or ever (including Johnny Mac).

486 days ago

Pippa Longy    

Maria is just mad that she gets her skinny ass beat every time she plays Serena and serena doesn't need to grunt and screech with every shot to gain extra power.

486 days ago

Pippa Longy    

I am stopping my comments on this site as the people on here are just too stupid and mean and its too depressing to read the mindset of today's youth. Really very sad and empty souls on here, I do not belong here anymore. Bye and get a heart and mind.

486 days ago
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