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Kim Kardashian

I Was a Victim

of Hospital Snooping

7/13/2013 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0713-cedars-sanai-medical-kim-kardashianKim Kardashian had her records "improperly accessed" by employees of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center who were subsequently fired for doing so ... TMZ has learned. 

A report in the LA Times today said that six people were fired for privacy breaches involving the medical records of 14 patients from June 18-24. KK delivered her daughter on June 15 and checked out about a week later.

TMZ has learned that Kim was contacted by the hospital to let her know she was one of the patients who had her records accessed.

Our sources say the family suspected that information was leaking from the hospital after various media reports surfaced with certain information about the birth of her daughter North that she hadn't told anyone.

We're told Kim was glad the hospital contacted her and is happy that action was taken against the workers.


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If no one like this woman, than why is she still famous?

465 days ago


This is illegal. Under HIPA law you can't release patient information! I hope the workers are fired. It doesn't matter if she's a celebrity or not she's a human being.

465 days ago


Who cares!..big f-ing deal!..stop bitching!'re the type of woman men leave anyway!..all you want is constant attention!..self absorbed bit*h!..

465 days ago


No one's personal medical information should be compromised. That being said, all the information that was "leaked", could have been "leaked" by family members. I'm sure Kim told her parents and sisters the information that was put out there. Should the employees be fired - definitely because it was more than just Kim's records that were compromised. TMZ is spinning this to look like they were fired only because of Kim and thus keep up the interest in the Kardashians. And for those who think and have said Kim is the one that got them fired - read the last line of the article that says: "We're told Kim was glad the hospital contacted her and is happy that action was taken against the workers." Would I want action taken against those types of employees - definitely and I have complained when my mom was in a nursing home and certain information got to me in a round about way.

465 days ago


No, you're a victim of being stupid and providing TMI to the world as a whole. Now your entire family is suffering a major backlash over your stupidity of putting your business out there. You reap what you sew Kartrashian. Ha Ha

465 days ago


That's what you get for having a career as a publicity junkie. You get no privacy. You created it. Now live with it.

465 days ago


Gutter slut

465 days ago


Ask me if I care

465 days ago

Trooper Tom    

So TMZ Mike, did Kim or her mother call you with this information because Cedars or any other hospital for that matter do not release any patients name or information no matter what the reason.

"Reality television star Kim Kardashian gave birth to her daughter with rapper Kanye West at the hospital on June 15. A hospital spokeswoman declined to identify the patients whose records were accessed but said that all patients involved had been notified of the breach.
Representatives of Kardashian and West did not respond to requests for comment Friday."

So is this more butt sniffing by her biggest fan Mike?

465 days ago


Kim K. is famous because we love to read, post, stalk, criticize and keep up with her and her family. She and her family have a marketing talent that gets droves of people to follow them, watch their show and buy their products. That's THEIR skill and OUR willingness to follow. Fault yourself for following; no one is making you do it . Maybe you just LOVE to complain. If there were no interests in the Kardashians, there would be no articles or shows. Same for the people who hate (envy) Beyonce. While B spends her money enjoying life, poor jealous LITTLE people full of envy and hate use their time following her and complaining. Kim and Beyonce are having fun and certainly counting their blessings. If you have talent, try and use it to bring joy and entertainment to the world. See how much money and success you can get from your skills or the lack thereof. Griping about someone else's fame and fortune is not the roadmap to happiness.

465 days ago

John Habernathy    

The Media whore is bitching about being spied on in the hospital? Serves her right.

465 days ago


Hey Kim STFU

465 days ago


Who cares???

465 days ago

Trooper Tom    

So the hospital doesn't release patient information but this cheap no shame no class tramp call's TMZ for more cheap media attention

465 days ago



i think the hospital staff were the victims of now being used to say they were bad for something they did to kim.. as long as kim can keep her name relevant while she hides her fug baby and her fat ass then shes fine..

kim feels so much better today logging onto tmz seeing a big spread of her being a victim, just reading someting about herself on tmz today made her feel a bit better today.

still hiding that cow body and large ass baby girl for a month now but she must stay relevant in news even when she trying to hide her fat body and her stupid kid she thinks is royalty

465 days ago
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