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Exposes New Super Villain

11/20/2013 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Batkid is now facing his most evil, heartless, cold-blooded foe yet -- a terrible villain who's been hiding out ... in plain sight in our newsroom.

So, here we go ... Batkid vs. Dirty D! Spoiler alert: Batkid wins.



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Keep fighting the good fight! Kick cancers @$$!!!!

336 days ago


I wish bat kid could make TMZ go away! Anyhow, he is adorable and a little hero

336 days ago


He's the sweetest little guy. He deserved everything he got from Make A Wish! He's a strong & inspiring little boy!

336 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Cheers to BatBoy!! I think they should make a movie of Bathman has a son , and this little boy play his son, like he is going to take over for Bathman when he gets older.
I mean this would really make this little guys day and dream come true!!

336 days ago

Lars Eighner    

I hope we've heard the last of this. The vilification of Derek is beginning to get scary.

336 days ago


I love the show, and Ive never felt the need to send hatemail, I love you guys, but really, how could I NOT send any now. Seriously DirtyD?!? I cant believe you'd say such things, and with such conviction. Come on, there are so many horrible diseases out there, Cancer being the one most evil....just because Batkid is lucky enough to be in a period of remission does in no way take away from the terrible turmoil he, and his family, have been thru. Remission does not=cured, sadly. And it makes me think you have never had anyone that close to you suffer from Cancer , or any other horrible and possibly lifelong disease......watching someone you love battle thru the sick hell of the toxic mix of the horror of Cancers symptoms mixed with the ugly tortuous side effects of the poison of chemo......this kid is amazing to have fought 4of his 5 yrs against this vicious hell. I would love for his parents to call in and for you to HAVE to speak to them, and, I would never ever do this to the poor kid, but, 'DirtyD', if Batkid was standing before you, could you honestly say the inhuman things you were spewing straight to him? Seriously man, grow a heart! I could say more, as many could, but I'll stop there, and I hate name calling, but man your one cruel-minded Dickless Dick. Reign on Batkid

336 days ago


As a parent of a 9 yr old girl that had leukemia and was recently diagnosed "in remission" it makes me want to throat punch people that would say the kids that are in remission don't deserve a wish! Remission does not mean healed you idiots! Just means the disease is at bay. The hell my daughter went through was horrific chemo hospital stays radiation loss of hair bone marrow transplant. Now were dealing with loss of memory and tremors! She is at high risk for different types of cancer later on in life and how would you like to be told at 9 that you probably won't be able to have children! Make a wish is awesome and the job they do is so hard! I don't want any child to ever endure any illness but if so I hope it's these peoples that are complaining so they can feel as helpless as those of us dealing with it everyday feel!

334 days ago

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