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The Artiaga Family


To Become Famous

5/29/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Famous in 12 Artiaga Family

The Artiaga family has just moved to Hollywood in a make-or-break attempt to become famous in 12 weeks.  It's an experiment in celebrity ... driven by TMZ.

You may recall ... a while back TMZ solicited families who desperately wanted Kardashian-like fame.  We got 10,000 videos from families all over the world, and we honed in on one ... the Artiagas from Beaumont, CA ... a sleepy town near Palm Springs.

The Artiagas have just moved to L.A. with a mission -- using every device possible -- especially social media -- to get noticed.  TMZ will give them tips on where to go, what to do ... but they have to make their own luck.

The Artiagas will be on a new show -- "Famous in 12"Tuesdays at 8 PM on the CW.  The show premieres this Tuesday and will run for 12 weeks.

For us this is an interesting experiment.  We've seen lots of people become famous with little or no talent.  Fact is ... this family -- especially the 3 daughters -- are game for anything.  We'll be posting stories about them and putting them on TMZ TV and TMZ Live during the summer.

Let us know if you like them ... or if you hate them.


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We don't NEED another Kardashian like family!!!! I say this should be the only post about these people and never comment on them again!

149 days ago


Already hate them.

149 days ago


WTF.....cmon TMZ! You would think there are enough train wrecks out there without creating one.

149 days ago


I officially hate TMZ now. Like are you serious?! You're supporting ghetto talentless trash becoming famous for nothing! WOWWW

149 days ago


But they aren't a real family? So this isn't a reality show about a family ....

149 days ago


Really TMZ? Why????? More dummies!

149 days ago


more soft porn for the ignorant and corrupted masses

149 days ago

screw on platinums    


149 days ago

News Flash     

Lovely fake hair.

149 days ago

Miss k    

Haha wtf

149 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

Okay tmz I can now officially say, as the unofficial Karvey Kardashian, that you have jumped the shark! It is bad enough that you allow all of the spam posts to clutter up each story, but now you expect us to ignore some truths. We are all aware of the bet Mr. Levin made about making non celebrities famous simply by posting stories about them. This nonsense experiment is just another facet of that bet, and most likely a double or nothing deal. I will not watch this show, I will not read any of the stories about them beyond this one, and I certainly will not comment on them further. The best thing about the entire situation is that it is happening as people are fed up with fame wh0ring like the Kardashians are known for doing. Their ratings have continued to drop and Kim's vogue cover had lousy sales, and that is even after she and her family were photographed buying arm fulls. As for this family, what sort of parent wh0res out their children for fame and money? A parent who is not worth even a dollar! I can throw all the stones I please because I do not live in a glass house, do not wh0re my children for money or fame, and have taught them to have enough self respect to know how to behave in public and on social media.

149 days ago


So which of the three girls has a sex tape?

149 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Here's a different angle for the show: Let's make this hideous, useless family of ass hole morons disappear from the face of the earth, and then the show can be about if anyone notices, or if the world is worse in any way without them.

149 days ago


To bad their ugly. There are a few easy things they can do .m1. Sex tape with a already famous person that has a bad reputation 2. Be friends with someone that is already famous that is uglier than yourself . 3 . Have some real talent then put it to use. Otherwise go back home .

149 days ago


How stupid this is!!

149 days ago
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