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You Be the Judge

5/31/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about irony ... V. Stiviano has been caught on tape making racist comments, as her non-boyfriend gets Clipped.  So we gotta ask ...


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I'm going to consider that Charlize witnessed her mother kill her abusive father with a shotgun; played a serial killer and won the academy award for, and grew up in S. Africa where her referenced behavior takes place on the trains there; so yeah, I can see where she's coming from.

146 days ago


You Compare Emma Watson to Kendall Jenner Kardashian, I am Confused Emma Watson is an Accomplished Actress and a Graduate of the Prestigious Brown University. What exactly has Kendal Jenner Accomplished except being a Kardashian?

146 days ago


Why would anyone feel sorry for Donald Sterling? He's racist, he's richer than you, and he doesn't give a f*ck about you.

146 days ago


Hahaha the Paltrow vote..

146 days ago


Vote 4 me

145 days ago


145 days ago


People are clueless. Donald Sterling is now a multi billionnaire thanks to the NBA. Being a racist has paid off for him quite nicely.

145 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

So instead of convincing Sterling to feed the starving people in the world she had him buy $30,000 Hermes handbags, 1.8 million dollar condo, and two vehicles in the hundreds of thousands, so why does her finger point at her own greedy self? The people she is talking about have every right to spend their money on whatever they wish to spend it on, but obviously she holds herself apart from the people she was talking about. Why does she make it sound like she believes the only way black people obtain significant amounts of money is if it is given to them? That is even more insulting than her sugar grandpa telling her not to have the pictures on display. Obviously, stating my opinion that I believe the only thing she has ever given to anyone is an STD, gets my post deleted. So there I changed it, and there is no reason for it to be deleted.

145 days ago


Low blow to include someone like Emma Watson who is classy through and through

145 days ago


REALLY PEople V worst ?! She expose Donald for what he is , a small minded racist with a plantation mentality . If this was the late or early 1900's. We would be his slave.

145 days ago

jimmy d    

I love her V stiv**** takes on an italian last name,not to many italians in my family or ancestors have asian sloe eyes and a mexican accent,,her face needs ti be sanded with a craftsman power belt sander…..How does that as swipe Rodger?………... Rodger? double ass wipe there folks,even look at jwoww and get hard,…she doesn't even have snooki money,her face is a friggin halloween mask,she is really ugly…at one time she was cute,now her face looks like popeys chicken

145 days ago


As of right now, 12% of those voting said Kendall Jenner is more impressive than Emma Watson. Frightening.

144 days ago

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