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Captain America

Going Black

To the Future

7/18/2014 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The new Captain America has everyone buzzing because he’s supposed to be the first Black Captain America EVER!!!

Just one problem -- there already WAS a black Cap. Remember? Guy in a do-rag? We’re not even kidding. 


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44 days ago


Shouldn't it be Captain "African" America?

44 days ago


Thor is now a woman and Captain America is black .... where's the Latino Spiderman and the Asian Superman?

43 days ago

Marco Polo    

This is like Bizarro world in Superman, where everything is the opposite. I guess it's a way to show the world that superheroes can be of any race/gender/creed.

43 days ago


So will he have a spear instead of a shield?

43 days ago


"Blacktain America" only ignorant people would like this trend of changing the very identity of such long established characters. They don't get this one simple fact that by taking characters and making them a different race, gender, sexual orientation, instead of just creating new and amazing characters of other races, genders, sexual orientations etc, the comic industry is showing how little they actually care about other races, genders, sexual orientations. if they did care about them then they'd just create new and amazing characters of other races, genders, sexual orientations. But since they're only after your money, they go and say, lets make Spiderman a gay black teen, to get ppl in those demographics to give us their money. get a clue ppl. They don't care about you, the characters, nor anything other than finding new and ridiculous ways to fool you into giving them your money.

43 days ago


Talk about racism.

So what, now they gonna make 'Black Goliath' Asian?
'Blade' a Mexican? Kato White or detective Charlie Chan Arabic?
Gonna start seeing Nelson Mandela movies played by a Spaniard or Elvis as Japanese?

If the color of skin is soooo important to some, then make characters that way, yet don't try and change something just to try and be politically correct because that's Incorrect and racist in itself.
How condescending.

43 days ago


holy toledo, does no one have an iota of creativity? if you want a variety of super heroes and want to be PC including all races, all genders, then make one! Don't try to eliminate the old heroes. Whatta crock. bye bye Marvel.

43 days ago


This isn't even that big of a deal. For all those true comic book fans the series when Superman died had him resurrected as a kid, black man and I think even a woman. Comics go off on different paths all the time. Especially X-men series. One minute Wolverine is all about Gene Grey the next he has fathered a child in the future with Magnetos daughter hahah Calm down people

43 days ago


For all those true comic book fans this isn't even a big deal. Do you remember when Superman died in the comics? He came back as a little boy, a woman and a black man with their own series of comics. Also X-men does it all the time with character. Wolverine will be chasing Gene Grey then the next thing you know he is marrying and having a kid with Magnetos daughter in the future. It's not that big a deal for them to switch it up like this so don't make it a race issue. Multiple writers work on comic book series all the time!

43 days ago


Actually about 6 years ago or so Marvel pout into place the store of the first Captain America being black. The government was still testing and fine-tuning the super soldier serum, so they first tested in on a black soldier b/c hey, don't want to accidentally poison a white soldier on the first try.

It worked, he was Capt. America for a spell, but the govt. kept it quiet b/c eventually it damaged his mind and left him rather simple. He was later revealed to be the grandfather of Patriot, a member of the Young Avengers. Steve Rogers is the 2nd Cap, once they perfected the serum.

Also for those people asking questions like "where's the black Spider-man" as a joke...Miles Morales, a Latino-African American teenager, has been Ultimate Spider-man for about 4-5 years now.

It's comics. Races, genders, and people occupying certain names (Banshee of the X-men was both a man, then his daughter took the name after he died) occur all the time. Get over it and quit be so narrow minded. This isn't the first time a different person has been Cap, Bucky AKA winter Soldier wore the mantle of Cap for years. Thor was a frog for a while, so being a woman is cake in comparison.

43 days ago


Do Rag? More like a Don't Rag.

43 days ago

Mr Right    

What a cool title TMZ!

43 days ago

Cookie Lady    


43 days ago


The first black super hero was Luke Cage: Hero For Hire. And if they want to make a truly correct Captain AMERICA... he should be a Native American, not African American or Caucasian.

43 days ago
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