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Geri Halliwell

Geraldine Estelle "Geri" Halliwell (born 6 August 1972) is a British pop singer-songwriter, clothes designer, author and actress. Halliwell came to international prominence in the late 1990s as Ginger Spice, a member of girl group the Spice Girls. She reportedly amassed a $30 million fortune during her last two years in the group. Halliwell launched her solo career in 1999, releasing her album Schizophonic. She has since released two more studio albums – Scream If You Wanna Go Faster and Passion – as well as four singles that reached number one on the UK Singles Chart: "Mi Chico Latino", "Lift Me Up", "Bag It Up" and "It's Raining Men". In 2008 Halliwell published a book series named Ugenia Lavender. As a solo artist, Halliwell has sold 12 million records worldwide, and been nominated for four Brit Awards (in 2000 and 2002). Halliwell was born at Watford General Hospital to Laurence Francis Halliwell (1922–1993), who was of English and Swedish descent, and his wife Ana María (née Hidalgo), who is a Spaniard from Huesca; Halliwell speaks Spanish. Halliwell grew up on a council estate in North Watford. Halliwell took her A-Levels at Camden School for Girls, obtaining an A-level in

Spice Baby Makes Pap Her Bitch

Spice Baby Makes Pap Her Bitch

When babies drop other people's crap, it's the mom's duty to pick it up, right?Yeah, someone should teach Geri Halliwell that lesson. See Also Ginger Spice: To Russia with Love  READ MORE >

Ginger Spice: To Russia with Love

Ginger Spice: To Russia with Love

Geri Halliwell's latest man is a futuristic melding of Enrique Iglesias crossbred with the villain from "Octopussy," as styled by Philip Michael Thomas. Approach gingerly!The Spice Girl's latest… READ MORE >

- 3505 days ago
Geri Halliwell Loves Watersports

Geri Halliwell Loves Watersports

The Spice Girls reunion tour doesn't start until December, but there's a part of Geri Halliwell that's already rockin' -- her abs!Ginger showed off her taut tummy in a white bikini, while jet… READ MORE >

- 3522 days ago
(Old) Spice Girls Back Together

(Old) Spice Girls
Back Together

Almost 10 years (and a few kids) since they last performed together, all five members of the Spice Girls announced their reunion tour today. Cue up the backing vocals!Below from left: (Posh,… READ MORE >

- 3561 days ago
Whale Tails


Ahoy! Click aboard, mateys, for a galley full of whale tails! Er, gallery! Arrrrr! Pop your spyglass and check it out! Whale ho! Can't get yer fill o' the blog? Click on into our Hot Butts and… READ MORE >

- 3643 days ago
Spice Girls Are Back Together!

Spice Girls Are Back Together!

Posh, Baby and Ginger regrouped last night ... but the Spices were only sprinkled for dinner.Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell had paparazzi going nuts last night in London, where… READ MORE >

- 3701 days ago
Ginger Spice Eats It, Posh Feeds

Ginger Spice Eats It, Posh Feeds

Geri Halliwell could use a few skating lessons.The former Spice Girl took a nasty spill at the Natural History Museum Ice Rink in London, while fellow Spicemate Victoria Beckham looked on. Ginger… READ MORE >

- 3743 days ago
Ginger Upstages Posh

Ginger Upstages Posh

While Victoria Beckham is busy pissing off photographers and spreading bad fashion, her Spice Girls cohort, Geri Halliwell, is busy trying to save the world.The artist formerly known as Ginger… READ MORE >

- 3770 days ago

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