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Harry Belafonte

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Harold George Belafonte was born in New York City. He attended George Washington High School, where he was on the track team. In 1944 he left high school and joined the Navy. His wife, Julie Robinson, was a featured dancer in Katherine Dunham's dance troupe. Both Harry and Julie were, and still are, extremely active in the civil rights struggle.  See full bio on IMDb »

Harry Belafonte -- I Have A Dream -- To Sell Martin Luther King's Speeches

Harry Belafonte
I HAVE A DREAM To Sell MLK's Speeches

Harry Belafonte wants to be free at last ... to sell original speeches penned by Martin Luther King, Jr., but King's Estate has mounted a challenge from the mountaintop ... so Belafonte is now… READ MORE >

Harry Belafonte -- I Wasn't Asleep, I Was Meditating!!!!

Harry Belafonte
I Wasn't Asleep I Was Meditating!!

Harry Belafonte says he was NOT catching up on some zzzzzzzs in the middle of a live news broadcast Friday ... insisting he was merely "meditating" with his eyes closed. Belafonte's rep, Ken… READ MORE >

- 2078 days ago
Harry Belafonte -- Singer Falls Asleep During Live News Interview

Harry Belafonte
84-Year-Old Falls Asleep During Live News Interview

The news anchors at KBAK in Bakersfield, CA were super pumped up for a satellite interview with 84-year-old Harry Belafonte Friday morning ... but when they cut to the "Day-O" singer, he was fast… READ MORE >

- 2078 days ago
Harry Belafonte's Daughter: 'Memba Her?!

Harry Belafonte's Daughter
'Memba Her?!

Shari Belafonte -- seen here with Emmanuel Lewis -- is best known for starring on the '80s TV series "Hotel" and for being Harry Belafonte's daughter. Guess what she looks like now! READ MORE >

- 2945 days ago
Harry Belafonte: 'Memba Him?!

Harry Belafonte
'Memba Him?!

In the '50s, Harry Belafonte became famous for songs like "Banana Boat Song" (aka "Day-O") and for starring in movies like "Carmen Jones" with Dorothy Dandridge. Guess what he looks like now! READ MORE >

- 3042 days ago
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