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Judy Landers

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Judy Landers' pleasing personality and physical attributes have made this former Juilliard music student one of the popular character actresses in both action series like B.J. and the Bear and Vega$, as well as in a multitude of situation comedies during the 1980s. Although a student of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Judy has tried her hand at dramas, but because of her ability to play naive, innocent or sometimes even dimwitted characters, the blonde bombshell seems to have excelled more in comedies. She has appeared in series such as Night Court and The Love Boat, and in films such as Stewardess School and Dr. Alien. She is married to baseball player Tom Niedenfuer and they have two daughters, Lindsey and Kristy. Judy and her older sister Audrey Landers have appeared together in many projects, but one of the projects nearest and dearest to them seems to have been The Huggabug Club, a children's series which they produced for Public Broadcasting. The duo not only starred in the series, they (along with their mother Ruth Landers) produced the series, and contributed most of the music to it, as well.  See full bio on IMDb »

Judy Landers -- Nude at the Ivy

Judy Landers -- Nude at the Ivy

In what should have been one of those tragic moments in a child's life, like walking in on mommy and daddy "fighting in bed," -- the wiggy Landers daughters were only mildly bemused as they… READ MORE >

Mommy and Me: Playboy Edition?

Mommy and Me: Playboy Edition?

Judy Landers and her girls -- and her daughters -- went out for sushi on Monday, and hinted that we may soon be seeing several generations of Landers ladies in Playboy.If there's one thing Judy's… READ MORE >

- 3181 days ago
The New Landers Sisters Wig Out!

The New Landers Sisters Wig Out!

On Wednesday, TMZ spotted two animatronic polyester blonde-weaved Robertson Blvd. fembots trying to pass themselves off as the new Landers Sisters: 2.0.edition.One of the trendoid replicants gave… READ MORE >

- 3193 days ago
Everyone and Their Busty Daughters Get a Reality Show

Everyone and Their Busty Daughters Get a Reality Show

There's a reason '80s blonde Judy Landers and her Hannah Montana wigged daughters were seen out and about in L.A. last weekend -- they are shopping around a reality show! Who isn't these days?!TMZ… READ MORE >

- 3236 days ago
Judy Landers: 'Memba Her?!

Judy Landers
'Memba Her?!

As one half of the buxom Landers Sisters, Judy Landers made a career out of playing dumb blondes on '80s TV shows like "B.J. and the Bear," "Vega$," and "The Love Boat." Guess what she looks like… READ MORE >

- 3238 days ago

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