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Paul Bearer

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William Moody went to Mobile's Catholic School, and later graduated from the McGill Institute. After enlisting in the U.S. Air Force and completing basic training, he recieved his honorable discharge and went straight into a Funeral Director service job. Moody was a regular at Gulf Coast Wrestling events in Mobile, Alabama while growing up. He got to know many of the wrestlers, as well as the front office personnel and later became a ringside photographer. Though known through most of his career as a manager, Moody started out as a wrestler. In June 1974, he made his wrestling debut, wrestling as "Mr. X" (under a mask) in Greenville, AL. He continued to wrestle later known as "The Embalmer". In April 1977, he began his managerial career as Percy Pringle III. Moody married and he and his wife Dianna, welcomed their son Michael in 1979. He left the wrestling business and went back to school and earned his Funeral Director/Embalmer's Certification from San Antonio College. In 1984, Moody returned to wrestling again as Percy Pringle and worked for Fritz von Erich's World Class Wrestling Association. During this time he managed the likes of Rick Rude, Blackjack Mulligan, The Great Kabuki, Lex Luger and even Steve Austin. On December 22, 1990, he joined the World Wrestling Federation and would be known as "Paul Bearer". His charge this time was the Undertaker. Moody worked for the company for ten years, most of the time managing the Undertaker, but also managing Kane and Mankind (Mick Foley). He also worked as a road agent for the time he was not on television. In 2001, William's wife Dianna was striken with breast cancer and he cut his time with the WWE back to care for her. He left the company in late 2002 when his contract came up. After this, he made several appearances with NWA Total Nonstop Action again as Percy Pringle. When the Undertaker returned to his old "deadman" gimmick at Wrestlemania 20, Moody returned with him as Paul Bearer once again. However after a few months, the storyline involving Paul Bearer had ran its course and he has left the WWE again, at least as far as television is concerned. Moody and his wife also have another son, Daniel.  See full bio on IMDb »

Paul Bearer -- Heart Attack Killed Him

Paul Bearer
Heart Attack Killed Him

WWE legend Paul Bearer died from a heart attack ... Paul's son tells TMZ ... and the sad part, it could easily have been prevented.Michael Moody tells us, Paul's death certificate lists… READ MORE >

Paul Bearer -- Family Signed Off on CM Punk Urn Desecration

Paul Bearer
Family Signed Off On CM Punk Urn Desecration

CM Punk's seemingly cold-hearted tirade last week during the WWE tribute to Paul Bearer wasn't at all what it seemed ... because we've learned Paul's family gave its stamp of approval before the… READ MORE >

- 2094 days ago
Paul Bearer -- Funeral Set for Tomorrow, Burial to Follow

Paul Bearer
Funeral Set for Tomorrow Burial to Follow

Wrestling legend Paul Bearer will be laid to rest tomorrow following his funeral in his home state of Alabama.The funeral services will be taking place at St. Vincent Catholic Church in Mobile, AL… READ MORE >

- 2108 days ago
Paul Bearer Suffered Blood Clot Before Death

Paul Bearer
Suffered Blood Clot Before Death

Just three days before Paul Bearer died, he complained he was suffering a blood clot ... TMZ has learned."Cowboy" Bob Kelly -- one of the board members of a prominent wrestling society called the… READ MORE >

- 2110 days ago
Paul Bearer Dead -- WWE Legend Dies at 58

WWE Legend
Paul Bearer Dead at 58

Paul Bearer -- the spooky WWE manager who helped introduce The Undertaker -- died Tuesday evening at the age of 58 ... this according to the WWE. Bearer -- real name "Bill" Moody -- joined the WWE… READ MORE >

- 2110 days ago
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