"Idol's" David Hernandez Wants to Be "Rent" Boy

3/24/2008 9:31 AM PDT

"Idol's" David Hernandez Wants to Be "Rent" Boy

TMZ has learned that "AI" wannabeen David Hernandez has come to the Big Apple to audition for the cast of Broadway's "Rent." Hey -- beats strippin' for a livin'!

We caught up with Hernandez on his way into town, and when we pressed him about his tryout, all he would say was that he was auditioning for a show called "Lease." ("Lease" ... "Rent" ... Is he really making a "Team America: World Police" ref? You decide.)

Arizona Dave also seemed a little bewildered by the big city, prodding random strangers for help finding a car and asking a Hasidic Jew whether he was a "Pilgrim."

We contacted "Rent" for comment, but we haven't heard back yet. The Broadway production ends its 12-year run on June 1.