Dr. Evil Has a Heart?

6/4/2008 2:20 PM PDT

Dr. Evil Has a Heart?

Dr. Will Kirby -- you know, the devilish doctor from "Big Brother" and "Dr. 90210" -- may finally be using his evil reality show powers for good.

In between Botox injections and mole-checking, the good doc is hard at work trying to find a home for a six-week-old Yorkie puppy born without eyes. Kirby, who is still playing fetch with "For Love or Money" star Erin Brodie, apparently has a soft spot in his cold, cold heart for cute canines.

As for the the blind pup -- who was abandoned at a vet's office -- Kirby says he'll pony up for the pricy adoption fees and the initial vet visit for the new parents.

To inquire about this specific dog, email the Yorkshire Terrier Club directly.