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Rough week for Weiners and little weiners -- aka Justin Bieber. So we gotta ask ...

Anthony Weiner

Weiner's wife

Weiner in 2 years

Weiner's antics

TMZ Live Paula Deen Firing Fried Over Controversy

Paula Deen's multiple attempts to apologize for her n-word controversy blew up in her face -- none more than her first videotaped apology. Now that she's been fired, can she ever dig out of this hole?

Plus, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name their kid North West -- cute and clever ... or a ploy to draw more attention to themselves? We have intel from our KK sources.

And, Justin Bieber's pals ... Lil Za and Lil Twist ... were finally caught on tape terrorizing JB's neighborhood. But should residents really be confronting them like one woman did?

TMZ Live 'Idol' Trade Talks J.Lo for Mariah

Mariah Carey's judge chair has become the hot seat -- "American Idol" ratings are sliding and we've learned producers are bringing Jennifer Lopez back, but will it be a permanent move? Would a switch make you watch more?

Plus, criminals beware -- Dog and Beth Chapman are back on the hunt ... and call in to explain how their new CMT show is taking bounty hunting to a whole 'nother level.

And, Gwyneth Paltrow is on the top of People's "most beautiful woman" list -- but if this list seems like a bogus ploy to land big interviews, that's because ... well ... just watch.

TMZ Live K. Hump Goes AWOL Score One for Kim K.

Finally, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian ... squaring off in divorce court -- only problem is ... Kris decided to play hooky. Now, the judge is PISSED! How will this affect the trial, and Kris' bank account?

Plus, all signs point to Kendall Jenner being the heir apparent to take the Kardashian throne away from Kim -- but the question is ... will big sis be willing to hand over the crown?

And, DMX joins TMZ Live -- UP IN HERE, UP IN HERE -- to grunt about blowing the roof off Madison Square Garden, and his other passion ... sweeping and vacuuming.

TMZ Live Justin Bieber The Spit Plot Thickens

Justin Bieber could be screwed -- we'll tell you how his violent outburst directed at a photographer in London could come back to haunt him in over his alleged spit attack.

Plus, Maria Shriver's Christmas light controversy shines a beacon on why it's no fun to live in one of the richest neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

And, is it offensive to buy your girlfriend breast implants for her birthday? "Pawn Star" Chumlee doesn't think so.

TMZ Live Justin Bieber Too Fast? Neighbor Totally Furious

Justin Bieber's got new trouble ... and this time cops are involved! One of his neighbors is accusing him of battery after a dispute over JB allegedly getting too loud ... with a new Ferrari!

Plus, Jay-Z gets called out for dissing legendary singer/songwriter Paul Anka. Jay sampled Paul's, "My Way" ... but then refused to return the favor for Paul. Should Jigga respect his elders?

And ... "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham joins us with an explanation/excuse for her DUI arrest. Y'know what they say about that river in Egypt? Fully applies here.

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