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TMZ Live 'Hunger Games' Star Sparks Underage Booze Investigation

4/11/2012 11:30 AM PDT
TMZ Live

"The Hunger Games" star Alexander Ludwig's night on the town could land a Hollywood nightclub in big trouble with Cali booze officials. We'll show you how the 19-year-old might have gotten into the club. One hint: hot dogs!

Plus, the One Direction boy band war -- who owns the name ... the Brits or the US version of the group? Two of the 1Ders joined us to sound off about the lawsuit. Also, Stacy Keibler slips into George Clooney's kryptonite -- wedding dresses!  Is she about to be 86'd?

(0:25) Breaking news -- Britney Spears is about to sign on to do "The X Factor" ... for a boatload of $$$.
(2:45) The 911 call made when Whitney Houston's body was found was just released ... we play it for you.
(5:34) A "Hunger Games" star ignites a police investigation for being underage at a 21+ bar.
(9:50) Stacy Keibler's latest photo shoot may have doomed her relationship with Clooney.
(14:01) The guys from the US's One Direction call in to take issue with the UK's One Direction.
(18:10) Kim K's lawsuit defense -- I'm hairy!!!
(22:14) Charles Manson ... denied parole.
(25:30) Whoopi Goldberg defends using the actual n-word during news reports ... not everyone agrees.
(32:30) "DWTS" releases video of Melissa Gilbert's injury ... so yeah, we apologize for yesterday's harsh criticism.
(37:01) Arnold ... accepting he's not getting Maria Back.
(39:20) Harrison Ford's massive Brentwood estate.

TMZ Live -- Lindsay Lohan's Arraignment!

2/9/2011 6:00 PM PST
Today on TMZ Live: We covered Lindsay Lohan's arraignment, including her now infamous arrival in THAT dress!!!

Our resident lawyers, Harvey and Jason, answered your questions and provided the color as LiLo pleaded "not guilty" to felony grand theft ... and then listened as the judge nearly ripped her a new one!

AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!

(0:00) And we're off! Harvey and Jason break down Lindsay's felony grand theft case from start to finish.
(5:50) Lindsay's big arrival ... in that sexy, tight white dress.
(21:00) Anna gives us her opinion on Lindsay's court-inappropriate, "tacky" outfit.
(25:00) Twitter questions and comments from our viewers.
(26:40) Time for Lindsay's close-up ... and she's definitely too hot for a hearing.
(51:50) The hearing begins!!! And Lindsay pleads not guilty as expected.
(53:00) prosecutor Danette Meyers asks that Lindsay's probation be revoked.
(54:20) It's Judge Schwartz's turn ... and rips Lindsay a new one. He then issues warning #1: If she messes up again, he'll lock her up with NO BAIL. Then warning #2: "DON'T PUSH YOUR LUCK."
(59:30) We replay the hearing ... and Harvey and Jason walk us through it.
(1:05:30) In closing ... the Lindsay Lohan/Sharon Stone side-by-side.

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