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Bai Ling

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Born in the city of Cheng Du in southern China, Bai Ling began her career at age of 14. She enlisted In the Chinese People's Liberation Army, where she spent three years in a performance troupe entertaining soldiers stationed in Tibet. She first gained the attention of audiences and critics alike when she won the coveted lead role opposite Richard Gere in Jon Avnet's Red Corner (1997). She received numerous accolades including the prestigious Breakthrough Performance Award from the National Board of Review. She also garnered the Discovery Star awarded by the Hollywood Women's Press Club for their Golden Apple Awards. While developing her remarkable facility with the English language, she has worked with such prestigious filmmakers as Oliver Stone in Nixon (1995), George Lucas in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005), Barry Sonnenfeld in Wild Wild West (1999), Spike Lee in She Hate Me (2004), Andy Tennant in Anna and the King (1999), Ang Lee in The Wedding Banquet (1993), Alex Proyas in The Crow (1994) and Luc Besson' in )Taxi 3 (2003)_, in which she spoke French. She also starred in Terrence Malick's Broadway production of "Sansho the Bailiff". She dazzled audiences with her portrayal of the sexy, mysterious Achara in the hit TV series Lost (2004), and intrigued viewers with her seductive yet exhilarating role in HBO's Entourage (2004). Bai Ling was awarded the Asian Oscar for her brilliant performance in her first Hong Kong film Three... Extremes (2004). It also earned her an additional tre major awards in the Far East. She received the Spirit Diversity Award by The Hollywood Motion Picture Association. Her film Southland Tales (2006), directed by Richard Kelly was in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Bai starred in and executive-produced Shanghai Baby (2007). She has worked with Taylor Hackford in Love Ranch (2010), co-starring with Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci, and had a leading role in the Jason Statham action comedy Crank: High Voltage (2009) with costar with Jason Statham.  See full bio on IMDb »

911 Call for Bai Ling at 'Celebrity Rehab'

911 Call for Bai Ling
At 'Celebrity Rehab'

Bai Ling's mysterious trip to the roof of Dr. Drew's recovery center led to a 911 call to the facility this evening ... TMZ has learned.Law enforcement sources tell us the call came in to Pasadena… READ MORE >

Meeting of the Mindless

of the Mindless

Last night TMZ's favorite chicken-dancing space cadet, Bai Ling, crossed heels with Queen of the Lucite Jungle, Shauna Sand.Beware the four horsemen -- this is surely a sign of the apocalypse. See… READ MORE >

- 3796 days ago
Ling Creeped by Homeless Bai-stander

Creeped by Homeless Bai-stander

She's loony as the day is long -- but even Bai Ling was a little weirded out when a guy with little regard for personal space hit her up for cash. Even more surprising: the star of one "Lost"… READ MORE >

- 3869 days ago
Bai Polar, Er, Ling

Bai Polar,
Er, Ling

What kind of whacked out moon dust does Bai Ling have stored away in those hooker boots of hers? ... and where do we get some? READ MORE >

- 3923 days ago
Ling's P!nk Slip

P!nk Slip

P!nk wouldn't admit to hanging with Bai Ling -- saying she doesn't "name drop." We think it's because Bai's a chicken dancing, bad rhyme-busting, space cadet who will do nothing but damage her… READ MORE >

- 3933 days ago
Bai Ling Plays with Herself

Bai Ling
Plays with Herself

Bai Ling doesn't need any real beach buddies to have a good time -- the voices in her head keep her more than occupied.  READ MORE >

- 3933 days ago
Escape from Bai Ling

From Bai Ling

Bai Ling's nipple made a not-so-surprising appearance on the beaches of Hawaii yesterday.Surprisingly enough, Bai Ling was able to keep one of her nipples covered on the beaches of Hawaii… READ MORE >

- 3936 days ago
To the Moon, Bai Ling

To the Moon,
Bai Ling

Bai Ling says she's been vacationing on the moon. We're thinkin' Uranus makes more sense.....  READ MORE >

- 3955 days ago
Ding-a-Ling Says Bai to Makeup, Hello to a Job!

Says Bai to Makeup, Hello to a Job!

Shoplifting chicken dancer Bai Ling went au naturel while on the Vancouver set of her new movie on Thursday. Holy s**t! Someone actually hired this loon?!Apparently, the film's hair and makeup… READ MORE >

- 3958 days ago
"Sexy Red Wine" Makes Bai Feel So Fine

'Sexy Red Wine'
Makes Bai Feel So Fine

Bai Ling celebrated pleading guilty to disturbing the peace by drinking a big 'ol glass of wine. Thatta girl!In her wacked-out mess of a blog, Bai writes, "Theft dismissed! yes! This is it! All… READ MORE >

- 4001 days ago
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