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Eddie Vedder

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Eddie Vedder was known in San Diego for being a surfer and a singer in the progressive rock band Bad Radio, where he sang in the 80's until he departed to join Pearl Jam in 1990. Right before Eddie left, Bad Radio opened for Andy Summers at the Bucchanal in San Diego. After the show, Eddie jumped off stage to talk to a pal of his, who had predicted Bad Radio winning at a competition late in the late 80's. Eddie was poor and desperate, and found strong encouragement in the words of his friend Boris, who predicted once again his huge success. Boris Acosta is now a film producer and director.  See full bio on IMDb »

Dennis Rodman Crashes Pearl Jam Set at Wrigley Field to Talk North Korea

Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field
Here's 'Jeremy' ... and Dennis Rodman

Pearl Jam brought out a very special guest at their Chicago concert this weekend -- none other North Korea's #1 man Dennis Rodman ... who had some, uh, interesting things to say. The former Bulls… READ MORE >

Shaun White Crushes Kelly Slater's Epic Surf Wave Machine

Shaun White
Crushes Kelly Slater's Epic Surf Wave Machine

Kelly Slater invited some huge stars over to his cutting-edge surf park in Lemoore, CA -- where Shaun White murdered a wave session ... and it's all on video.  Slater's wave park has become… READ MORE >

- 256 days ago
West Memphis 3 -- We're INNOCENT

West Memphis 3

The West Memphis 3 just pled "guilty" to murdering three boy scouts in 1993 -- but all three still insist ... they never committed the crime.Damien Nichols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin… READ MORE >

- 2713 days ago
West Memphis 3 Case -- Eddie Vedder Arrives at Court

West Memphis 3 Case
Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines Arrive at Court for Support

All three members of the West Memphis 3 arrived at the Craighead County Courthouse in Arkansas moments ago ... where at least TWO of the men are expected to be granted their release from prison.… READ MORE >

- 2713 days ago
Eddie Vedder -- Can't Find a Better Karaoke Man

Eddie Vedder
Can't Find a Better Karaoke Man

When most people sing karaoke, it sounds worse than a Jessica Simpson concert -- but Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam doing it to "Where the Streets Have No Name" in an Arizona bar ain't half bad.  READ MORE >

- 3637 days ago
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