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Gabriela Cedillo

Gabriela Cedillo (born in 1986) is an aspiring actress and bank teller who worked as an extra on the set of Transformers 3. She was severely injured when a stunt malfunctioned, causing her head to be sliced opened. Cedillo was airlifted to a local hospital following the accident, and underwent brain surgery. The accident left Cedillo partially paralyzed. Paramount Pictures says they will pay for the medical bills Cedillo incurs during her recovery.

'Transformers 3' -- Injured Extra Gets $18 Million Settlement

'Transformers 3'
Injured Extra Gets $18 Million Settlement

The 26-year-old movie extra who was critically injured during a stunt for "Transformers 3" will receive an $18.5 million settlement from producers. Gabriela Cedillo had sued Paramount Pictures and… READ MORE >

'Transformers 3' Victim's Tab -- $350k ... and Rising

'Transformers 3' Victim's Tab -- $350k ... and Rising

Medical bills are rolling in for the "Transformers 3" extra who was brain-damaged on set -- and the early total is more than $350,000 ... an astronomical tab Paramount Studios says it will… READ MORE >

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