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Justin Roberts

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Justin "Jason" Roberts was born an entertainer. From putting on shows for family functions to entertaining classmates through his school years - Justin's family, friends, and anyone who he encountered always knew they would be watching him on TV someday. He began his career as a ring announcer for professional wrestling when he was a big fan at age 16. He landed a gig with PWI, in his hometown of Chicago. Announcing in PWI for two years put some experience under his belt. In 1998 Justin left Chicago to attend The University of Arizona. While studying Media Arts and Communications, he began working with new independent pro-wrestling organizations. Between attending classes, getting good grades and having fun at school, he still found time to travel with groups such as the AWA to get experience, exposure, and new opportunities. Justin worked across the country and was able to work with some of the top wrestling superstars of all time. In 2000, he began announcing for FX's Toughman Contest as a backup for Toughman founder Art Dore. From there, he had built up the reputation and experience he needed to go to the top. In June of 2002, Justin received two tryouts as a ring announcer for World Wrestling Entertainment. He was hired the following September as "Jason Roberts" and currently works as a ring announcer for televised and non-televised events throughout the world. In addition to ring announcing, he has done some acting on TV for the Jerry Springer show, and in movies such as "Soul Food".  See full bio on IMDb »

Ex-WWE Announcer Justin Roberts -- Getting Canned Ain't So Bad ... I'm Writing a Book Now

Ex-WWE Announcer
Getting Canned Ain't So Bad ... I'm Writing a Book Now

Ex-WWE announcer Justin Roberts isn't taking a break after getting 86'd from the company Friday ... he's jumping into a new ring -- literature ... he's writing a book about his life.Sources close… READ MORE >

WWE Announcer Justin Roberts -- Busted By Cops Twice ... In Two Weeks

WWE Announcer
Busted By Cops Twice ... In Two Weeks!

WWE announcer Justin Roberts might want to invest in a chauffeur ... 'cause dude got pulled over on his way to work TWICE in the past two weeks ... TMZ has learned. Sources tell us the first… READ MORE >

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