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Thomas is an experienced international actor possessing a diverse look and excellent acting range. His skills on-and-off the camera are enhanced by his technical background. A graduate from Michigan in electrical engineering - he was awarded three government patents and traveled all over the world. After having done some print work in Toronto, Ontario, acting became his next big challenge. He relocated to New York City where he has made appearances in theater, television, and named films. His most recent works in television include True Crime (NBC), and many feature films like Bullets for Jesus, Backwater, Those People, Leatha Acidents, The Blue Seal, Paranormal Proof and Alien Opponent.  See full bio on IMDb »

Ransom to Nicki Minaj -- YOU'RE DISRESPECTFUL ... I Never Said I Wrote Your Songs

Ransom to Nicki Minaj:
YOU'RE DISRESPECTFUL I Never Said I Wrote Your Songs

Nicki Minaj completely OVERREACTED when she blasted her old friend Ransom in public this week ... so says Ransom who tells TMZ the whole beef is one giant misunderstanding. Ransom was out in NYC… READ MORE >

Nicki Minaj ANNIHILATES Rapper -- 'Get Off My Metaphorical Penis!'

Nicki Minaj
ANNIHILATES RAPPER 'Get Off My Metaphorical Penis!'

Nicki Minaj WENT BALLISTIC last night -- dropping some atomic hatred on a rapper who may have been talking smack about her ... depending on who you believe. The drama involves a rapper named… READ MORE >

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