Alan Jackson Exposed!

12/9/2005 2:52 PM PST

Alan Jackson Exposed!

Tuesday's 11th Annual Billboard Music Awards showcased the biggest names in music, including country star Alan Jackson. But TMZ has learned Mr. Jackson was nowhere near the event. An Alan Jackson lookalike not only caused quite the stir among fans, but created a media frenzy on the red carpet. Now, TMZ blows the lid off one of the best pranks of 2005.

Orchestrated by Legends in Concert of Las Vegas, the ruse required some careful planning and an impeccable performance by Doug Brewin, the Jackson clone.

Arriving at the event in a yellow stretch Hummer, Brewin was met by a fake camera crew and fake autograph seekers, arranged by Legends in Concert. Within moments, however, a genuine throng of fans materialized. Award show staff quickly recognized whom they believed to be Alan Jackson and hustled him onto the red carpet. TMZ's own cameraman at the event confessed to being completely fooled.

Take a look at the prank and hear Legends in Concert President Jeffrey Victor describe just how his company punked everyone.

Can you tell the difference?