Update: Paris' Revealing Diaries

2/6/2006 8:16 PM PST

Update: Paris' Revealing Diaries

TMZ has learned the most damaging items in Paris Hilton's storage locker that was auctioned off recently are her journals.

TMZ has learned the heiress made numerous shocking entries about herself, her family and others. We're told Paris names names and the entire Hilton family comes off awful. One person familar with the journals calls them "disgusting."

As TMZ first reported, the Hiltons hired a small moving company to store Paris' belongings at an LA facility. The company did not pay the full storage bill and the items were sold at blind auction.

The items include numerous tapes and photos. TMZ has learned there are no sex tapes in the cache, though the tapes and photos do depict some nudity. The most damaging items by far are the journals.

A broker is trying to sell the items for $20 million. But TMZ checked with legal experts who say the journals, photos and tapes are all copyrighted, and the highest bidder would not have the legal right to publish any of it. Stay tuned.