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Meredith's 'Brokeback' Farewell

6/9/2006 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joy Behar and Meredith VieiraFriday's episode of 'The View' was the last hoorah for co-host Meredith Vieira -- she's set to fill Katie Couric's seat on 'Today.' Joy, Barbara, Star and Elisabeth roasted their co-host for their send-off, but Joy gave her something to really remember -- a kiss!

Behar went in for the liplock during her turn at the dais. "I love you so much, you know that," she told Vieira. "I just don't know how to express it. So I thought to myself, 'What would Rosie O'Donnell do?'"

That's when Behar made her move.

Afterwards, Vieira talked backstage about her favorite moments from her last day on 'The View.'

Vieria joins 'Today' in September.


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roseann caruso    

For all intensive purposes Baba Walters could have stayed home and phoned in her bye bye to Meredith Viera It was an hour of bore and more bore. If that's what the "VIEW" thought of Meredith she should have left years ago. She should be glad she's moving on where she will be appreciated. The "view crew" will surely miss her, she brough life to a hum drum show and the 4 dumdums proved that Friday morning. The only truthful moment was when Meredith mention the time it took to plan such a sloppy, disjointed piece of garbage like Walters and her "ladies" did. Get out now Joy before it's too late..........

3057 days ago


I thought that the last show for Meredith Viera was not a very good show. She was the life of the party. I no longer will watch The View. As for Rosie O'Donnell her sexuality has nothing to
do with her but I personnally can't stand her.
Good-bye Meredith you will be missed. Good luck at the Today show. Maybe there they will appreciate you. You will be trully missed.

3057 days ago

Janice M. Guzdial    

I thought the good-bye show for Meredith was in poor taste and beneath Barbara Walters. I was embarrassed for her husband and children sitting there having to listen to the sexual comments being made. They weren't funny, just in very poor taste.

3057 days ago

Margie Rex    

Goodbye show for Meredith was really boring. Intend to quit watching it.
Too many TV shows available to waste time watching this one anymore. Wish someone new would be replacing, especially not Rosie.

3057 days ago


Meredith Viera is / was the very best part of The View. I watched it daily but now that she's gone, why bother... the remaining 4 despite their individual strenghts simply cannot carry the show without her. And Rose O is the LAST person I want to watch for an hour a day, good grief she is SO annoying! Goodbye & Good Luck Meredith - you will be truly missed. NBC is LUCKY to get you!

3057 days ago

Pebbles Smith    

I guess that I am pretty lucky hat I chose to mow the yard today instead of watching Meredith's last "View" day. I have watched a snippet of a video of the show, and I must agree with the postings that I have read. No class, Barbara you should be ashamed! You to Bill Getty! Meredith was the best host of the show and you dishonored her and her family!! I will no longer watch!

3057 days ago

Jeri Sardell    

I love the View. I love Meredith, but I thought the show was awful. The only good part was the last few minutes when Star, Elisabeth, Joy, Richard, Ben and Meredith spoke. The rest of the hour was wasted drivel. Meredith deserved
more than that send-off.

3057 days ago


I won't be watching The View if Rosie O'Donnel will be one of the host. Sorry but I think a lot of other people feel the same. I really can see the show being cancelled because of the decision to have Rosie as host.

3057 days ago

Harriet Z. Ritter    

Unfortunately I did not see the show. What Joy did seemed to me to be quite funny and appropiate. I think Meredith and Katie will do well. Most people like them and wish them the best, me included of course.

3057 days ago

Iowa Viewer    

It really was kind of anti-climatic after nine years to be sent off with this show.
It appeared as if the show had no budget for a real send off. The members of the team seemed to sit like "scolded children" while crude comedians made stupid jokes. The sexual comments made infront of Meredith's three children and her spouse were totally inappropiate to say the least! After watching this program for several years, I am disappointed in this "loss of class" demonstrated today.
I believe that my days enjoying "The View" are over!

3057 days ago

Kathy Mata    

I think Meredith is a class act. She will do well on NBC. Katie will do well on CBC and Rosie will do well on The View. There are still a lot of people out there who don't see Rosie as a lesbian but just a comedian and a great TV host. Good luck to all three.

3057 days ago


I have watched tghe View for the last time. This morning was such a blatant display of poor taste and the absence of class.
I would have been mortified if my children had been there to 'celebrate' their mom's success and that was my sendoff.
What a disaster. I am very much afraid that Joy is the only life left in that show.
Good bye and good luck to Meredith.

3057 days ago

pat l    

I did not watch the view often, I work a lot. However, adding Rosie, I will never watch it. Like one viewer said, she is so annoying. And because she has money she trys to get on everyone else's shows, and kiss Donny O, etc. - yuk.
I bet that was horrible for him.

3057 days ago

Oklahoma Viewer    

I think that the farewell was pathetic!!!! Meredith has really been the only reason to watch the View.....Barbara Walters just can't take another womans success. Asking Rosie to take Meridith's place was a mistake.....she is so obnoxious!!!! I really felt bad for her family, whoever came up with the idea of sending her off in a crass and insulting manner should feel ashamed of themselves. I bet the show will get cancelled soon....Elisabeth and Star get out now!!!..the ship is sinking fast!!!

3057 days ago

Maryann Dunleavy    

I also didn't think the sexual comments and kissing display were appropriate with her teenage children sitting in the audience...they could have a little more respect and done it in a more tasteful manner..(after all, this IS a morning show!).

3057 days ago
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