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Brit's PR Offensive -- K-Fed with Kid

6/12/2006 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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I think Britney is a very young mother trying to make the best out of a bad situation, leave the poor girl alone. Yes driving while holding a baby is a poor choice. Honestly, can she go anywhere without being photographed? Is she not supposed to take her child with and leave him with Grandma and go off like someone else we all know. She is rarely ever seen without him, she has the money to have someone take care of him 24/7, but she is a true mom and doesn't just leave him. Take care Brit, but loose that looser husband before he spends ALL YOUR MONEY!!!!

3019 days ago


Come on guys, give the girl a break. She isn't perfect. Like you all won't make mistakes when you have your first child either. Its part of growing up and learning from your mistakes. The media makes a bigger deal out of it than it already is. They like to blow things way out of proportion.

3019 days ago


OMG did hell freeze over? Kevin is actually spending time with Sean and actually holding him, this is like the first picture ever of him carrying Sean and he is going to be a year old soon.

I do think Britney is being unfairly bashed by the media. Yes she drove with her son on her lap but you would actually be surprised how many parents actually do what Britney did.

The other accidents where Sean fell out of his high chair was not her fault it was the nannies and we all saw how quickly Britney let her go which she was right for doing, if a nanny let my child fall out of a high chair I would be firing her ASAP.

When it comes to her almost falling with him, do you know how many mothers have tripped or have actually fallen with their kids? I was coming out of walmart and tripped with my son who was not even a year old yet and me and him both hit the ground, luckily neither of us were seriously hurt. People are talking about how she did not drop her drink but at the same time look at how fast the ordeal came and went, perhaps she did not have time to react to what was happening seeing as how quickly and happened and past.

When it comes to the car seat yes Sean was leaning over because the straps were not tight enough but my son has that same car seat and I have to say it is a piece of crap. Every time I put him in it I tighten the straps and then once I get to where I am going they are loose again to where my son is leaning over and he even discovered how to get out of it a few days ago. I was telling my cousins wife about it and she said she had the same problem with the same car seat and she had to go get a new one so I am working on getting a new one because I do not want to risk getting in an accident and my son getting seriously hurt due to a car seat that is not safely made.

When it comes to her driving with her car roof down, many people do that, I do it but of course I do not go on like the highway or any street with a fast speed limit and we honestly had no idea where Britney was driving at or what her speed was.

I think people just need to leave the poor girl alone and let her be happy and enjoy her son and her pregnancy, I am even seeing people criticize her having another baby so soon like she is the only woman to ever do it and make it seem like it is impossible to take care of a 1 year old and a newborn at the same time. My moms best friend got pregnant when her son was 5 months old and she managed, my cousins girlfriend had a baby when his other daughter by another girl was just 3 months old and people out here are having twins, triplets and so fourth and they manage it. Yes it is a bit hard but it is possible to take care of more then one baby at the same time by yourself.

I heard recently Britney and her mom are being sued because her mom ran over a paparazzi guy and keywords their BRITNEYS MOM, not Britney. Britney was not driving so how exactly can this moron sue her? How can he even sue her mom? He is just some moron looking for a quick way to get a lot of cash and chances are he is likely going to get laughed out of court because his idiot ass was the one who wanted to stand in front of a car. Common sense tells you theirs a car coming move the f*** out of the way or you will get hit.

Also I just want to say I think Sean's shirt is so adorable with the Sean P on the back of it

3019 days ago


When I was a child a remember sitting on my daddy's lap and driving also. I can bet everyone of us as done that one time or anothe weather it was with a parent ,grandparent, ECT. I think Britney is a good mom and is doing the best dhe can with the kind of husband she has. ANd who are we to judge her anyways with her marriage. Noone is there so we don't know. Britney and Kevin are the only ones that really know how their marrisge is. SO LEAVE THEM ALONE

3019 days ago

Dear Haters,    

Dear Haters,

This is a message to everyone that hates Mortal(s) and things.

I do not mean just Britney Haters.

I literally feel bad for all of you.

You waste your days away looking desperately for reason's to hate and reasons to be disgusted by at least one person or thing and that is self destructive to you. The hate and the disgust stays in your minds all day eating away at your sanity.

I once had been hateful and disgusted like you are. I once was my worst enemy. Hate and disgust makes you hate and be disgusted by yourself. A negative emotion base has no room for feeling positive and is very self demeaning. A person like this cannot even satisfy his or her self.

What you are doing is like looking for an ax murder in your house to make double sure that it was not in your imagination.
You look for negativity you will find it and you will exaggerate things too.

"He was probably going to rip my hair out next". "Well you do not know that stop getting your self all worked up over nothing".

Why not create meaning in your life rather that looking for demeaning, rather than creating demeaning and rather than creating a demeaning atmosphere? I would not wish what you do to your victims on even a worst enemy. Not that I have a worst enemy.

3019 days ago

cort shazaa    

You are all ridiculous....I know that every parent on this board has made mistakes much worse then Mrs Spears, so shame on you. She is trying to be a good mother in a very public situation. So sit down...shut up...and leave the poor young mother alone.

3019 days ago


Britney is being scrutinized too closely. She's an average mom who happens to be famous....well....not quite average. I feel sorry for her. I hope that Kevin is really the one for the sake of the Sean and the new baby coming. I live, breath, and thrive in the South. I live in in the southren part of Louisiana, and it's just like any other state. The south is not an excuse for this. Also, she said she had a type of driving lessions on her dads lap. She must want to give Sean an early lesson on automobiles, too. I'm glad to see she didn't do that again. Poor need theropy. (however you spell it)

3019 days ago


Carley Sean is being took care of just fine so stop acting as if the children's life are in danger because they are not. Hundreds drive with their kids on their laps, do some research on it you will be surprised how many people do it. That is about the only thing she has done wrong is drive with her baby on her lap and my aunt works for DCF and said that most the time they let you off with a warning or do not even do anything at all till you are caught a second time doing it..

As for Monica Adams I suggest you do some research as well because Britney had no idea about Shar. She did not know about Shar or her being pregnant or about Kori. By the time Britney found out about them she and Kevin were already engaged. I do admit Kevin is nothing but trash but at the same time so is Shar. They were both about to declare bankruptcy yet they were bringing another baby into the world so you got to wonder how exactly were they going to support it, welfare? Britney was completely in the dark and so was Shar, Kevin was calling up Shar while on tour with Britney claiming he was doing some photo shoot and he would call her when Britney was not around. Britney and Shar both found out about each other threw a magazine and by the time they found out about each other Britney and Kevin were already engaged.

3019 days ago


God, Kevin looks horrible!! He doesn't even look awake! I do believe Britney has been unfairly judged and I hope she comes to her senses shortly. At least she looks awake when she holds her son, and he seems to be with her fairly often.

3019 days ago


Has Brit been unfairly bashed in the media? yes! she young mother, leave then alone!!!

3019 days ago


Okay, most people as kids had their father or grandfather let them sit in their lap while they are driving, but come on times have changed. What was safe back in the day is not safe now. Honestly I wouldn't put my daughter in the drivers seat with me simply because there is just too much going on on the roadways to pay attention to the child, what you yourself are doing, and what the other drivers are doing. I just don't think it was a good choice. Common sense does need to be utilized when you have a child no matter how good of a parent you believe you are.

3019 days ago


As a mother of three, i have to say i was just as inexperienced as Brit when my first came along. I am just happy there were no cameras to catch the many mistakes that I, as ALL new moms, made. My rocking chair even broke once and i fell backwards into a window while holding my baby daughter! Thank goodness we didnt get hurt, but can you IMAGINE the things that would have been said about poor Brit had it been her? She has been treated soooo unfair.

I want to many other young celeb moms (or older ones for that matter)do you see that actually carry their children with them everywhere unassisted by nannies? Angelina does, yes, but i cant think of any other. So mabye instead of everyone bashing Brit for stupid things, she should be commended on the fact that she is actually being a full time mom to this baby. I think she is a wonderful mom that spends lots of time with her baby. LEAVE HER ALONE! go pick on some of the hollywood moms who you never ever see with their children except maybe at an occasional movie premiere. Be Proud BRIT!!! i bet no one expected you to be such a hands on mom and i think you are doing GREAT!!

3019 days ago


The thing is I used to do that with my Dad too but it was like around the block in our neighborhood...usually kids are like 10 when they get to "drive" with there Dad's. Her son was like 7 mths old....Big Difference

3019 days ago


I work at a funeral home, people die from car accidents everyday. If Britney was so nervous that she didn't buckle her baby in a car seat, then she shouldn't have been driving at all, she could have easily crashed and her little baby would have went flying out of the car. I don't care what happens in my life my kids come first, my #1 job is to protect them and not worry about what everyone else around me is sayin or doing. Britney needs to focus on her son and baby on the way. Being a mother is hard work, but remember your child's future is in your hands, what counts is that you tried to give them the best life possible. Don't keep on making mistakes because of other people in your life, screw them, it's about the kids.

3019 days ago


Yeah, driving with the kid on her lap was stupid. She shouldn't try and make excuses for it. But, what have some of you parents done that others would consider stupid? You just didn't have a camera following you around 24/7.
The media can take a picture and put any story that they want with it, which is
extremely unfair. I feel like she is a good person and really tries to be a good
mother, she just slips up (like all parents do) and unfortunately, there the camera

3019 days ago
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