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Brit's PR Offensive -- K-Fed with Kid

6/12/2006 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Stephanie Lee    

Heaven forbid we should all be able to live our lives without criticizing someone else for how they live theirs.

I have yet to meet anyone in 36 years who was mistake free and don't anticipate doing so. I have had the fortune to not have my mistakes thrown into my face on a daily basis and then reviewed over and over and over and over in the newspapers, on television and radio. I imagine I would be as emotional about it as Britney Spears if that were the case. Can anyone say they would feel differently? I didn't think so.

Let those who live in glass houses........................................

3063 days ago


Britney is a mother, wife,and is in a career.
Arent we all? Leave her alone she is not a goddess or superwoman.Everyone keeps saying that she is not raising
sean preston right,come on she is a first time mom in the spotlight,the cameras are only taking pictures of the negative stuff not any postives.It is hard to raise a child first of all and being in the negative spotlight is terrible.Cut her some slack.Atleast she got married before she reproudouced.Look at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes the werent even engaged when she got pregnant.I think we should look at the good things like sean p. is so cute not "she dropped himshe is a terrible mother"Be nice for crying out loud.

3063 days ago

ryan star    

Leave Britney and Kevin along. If you were photograph everyday I bet people would find something bad about you also.

3063 days ago

John Countrybo    

We spend way to much time caring about what the celebrities in this country do and think. It appears most of them are not to bright. So who the hell cares. If they break the law, why do we to be fully informed. Put them in jail or fine them and be done with it.

3063 days ago



3063 days ago

Angela L    

sorry if this went in here twice people but..

ok just have to say one thing here after reading the first comment... i used to ride in my dad's lap too he'd let me drive his Peterbilt at the age of 5 on the highway... even then he knew it was STUPID but let me do it anyhow. On the other hand, with this day and age with AIRBAGS engaging.. it could kill a child. She needs to smarten up

3063 days ago


If she wants the media off her back, she should stay out of the spotlight. There are celebrity mothers having children every day and they are not hounded. She shouldn't go on Letterman, Dateline, etc. What is she promoting anyway when she does interviews? She currently has no career except carrying around a toddler and drinking Starbucks.
Teenage girls buy her albums. Their fantasies are not washed up performers (can’t call her a singer) with two kids and a trailer park husband. Jessica and Christina have passed her by. Oops I did it again…

3063 days ago


What this girl/woman needs to do is get a book for Working Mothers for Dummies. It's obvious she was not prepared to be a mother. If she was more careful she would not be criticize as she has been lately. Her mother should be giving her pointers on how to be a better parent.

She needs to grow up and stop partying so much and making scenes.

She should be more private if she doesn't want the papparazi taking her pictures and she should stop blaming other people for her faults.

3063 days ago


All parents make mistakes. Nearly tripping is entirely forgivable. Driving with an infant on your lap on a public street in a car with an AIRBAG is not. How can a person who has lapped up intense media attention for the past however many years and can attribute her having a career at all to that attention, suddenly be terrifed of those same media members and claim THEY are making her a nervous wreck. Sounds like miss Britney is regretting being so overexposed and is trying to find any excuse she can for being protrayed negatively instead of just owning up to her actions like a responsible adult.

3063 days ago


white trash, plain and simple......and that's not a bad thing. I was born and raised in the south, too.....just a southern trait

3063 days ago


I think she's a skank. She brings this on herself. She says the paparazzi are causing people to think negatively of her. No, what causes people to think negatively of her are the stupid ass things she does. All new moms make mistakes, but if you're gonna be stupid and wear idiotic high heels while carrying a baby, in full public view...? You lose all credibilty with me. Use some common sense. It seems like she courts the press as long as it's favorable, yet the second the coverage is anything less than that, and she's chastising the media for her own failures, her own stupidity, and a tremendous lack of common sense. Britney's not stupid, she just acts like it because it helped her sell some records. If she wants to be seen as an intelligent, capable young mother, than perhaps she should start acting like one.

3063 days ago


I do feel sorry for Brittany and I feel that the media is like a giant bully. I also feel however that Brittany needs to pull herself together and get a good therapist and take some very basic parenting classes. She does not seem to be in a healthy state of mind.

3063 days ago


Being stupid and being from the south are two very different things folks...she just happens to be both.

3063 days ago


Look at their expressions, look at their body language, look at the baby- he never smiles, and above all: LOOK AT THAT STROLLER! That's it for me- she's a multimillionaire and she's got a Graco for her baby's ride?

3063 days ago

George J. Dagis    

Look; I'm no fan of this woman or her husband but Geezzz. Enough, already ! Let them live their lives in PEACE !

3063 days ago
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