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Brit's PR Offensive -- K-Fed with Kid

6/12/2006 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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I'm not a big fan of hers but from a mothers perspective I have to say I feel for Britney. She isn't doing anything "most" moms haven't done. With my first child I was a wreck. I had my share of mistakes...but you learn. Now with my second daughter I know what to do and what no to do. It's hard for me being a single mom, I can't imagine how hard it is for her. Being constantly photographed, and having everyone pick out all the things she does wrong and thrown out there for the world to see. I was carrying groceries in the house one day while holding my daughter and almost fell. I didn't drop the groceries...not because they meant more to me than my child but it's just try to hold on to everything. People need to give her a break. At least she isn't throwing her kid off onto a nanny like most celebrities do. I honestly think she is doing her best. Let her be.

3053 days ago

Nosila Valley    

Judge not lest ye be judged...
give this poor girl a break! At least she GOT MARRIED before she had a child.
She obviously loves her little boy! No one just immediately is a perfect mother,
for that case, no one is perfect. She is a good person and she loves her baby - she is routinely shown holding her baby, not walking beside THE NANNY PUSHING THE STROLLER! That's all you ever see with EVERY OTHER CELEBRITY.

3053 days ago


LIsten the girl gets hit hard in the press we need to really stop breaking people down its to much she is pregnant. I am not a fan anymore and if i want to assume her husband is a looser then i have to get a life. Becuase i dont know the guy at all. Let her have her kids and go on with her life lets move on with our lives. Let this poor girl live. AS for riding on your parents lap i did as a child but i was also 4years old. Her son was to young to sit on her lap but that is ok to have a thought on that and its not my child i would not do it but i am not going to wake up in the morning and bash britney. Let her just live her life

3053 days ago


Ok yes being a first time mom is hard, I was with my sister in law for the first year of her sons life. BUT driving with him on her lap was just plain STUPID and selfish, and the car seat yea he may be big enough to be like that but it was not tight enongh to keep his shoulders aganist the seat. so if she got into an accident he could have flown out of the seat and where was some sun protection? a hat or something. Then theres the almost dropping poor sean, if I had triped the glass in my other had would be long gone, and I would have tried to grab something. i do feel for her but come on she's not the first woman to have a baby. And for petes sake stop blaming other people for you mistakes. OWN UP TO THEM!!!!! Maybe you need to kick kevin in the ass and tell him to help more so your not so stressed.

3053 days ago


The woman made a mistake and she knows it. Let it go already - quit making her find "excuses." How many of us would want our lives broadcast to the public whenever we stepped out the door - then have our mistakes on instant replay for the next two years. With all the terrible things happening all over the world, who gives a flying fig if Brit is a "good mom."

3052 days ago

A. Moller    

Britney needs help being a mother, her intentions are good, but her common sense is severely lacking. She is a child star who is still a child, quit blaming everyone else, suck it up sweetie! There are tons of single mothers who do not have the resources or help to raise a child, what a crybaby she is.

3052 days ago


My Dad and I did the "pretend to drive thing", too-but I was a lot older than 8 months so I actually knew what was going on! What a lame excuse. She's like Ashlee Simpson-keep coming up with excuse after excuse until one sticks.

3052 days ago


In response to Monica Adams post ....."Oh well...In a few years she'll be a fat unknown washed up singer." With 150 million to console her, if she never works again a day in her life she's got enough dough to last her the rest of her days. Yes these folks are celebrities but don't deserve to be hounded to the point of "STALKING" And as far as the story about this idiot photographer run over by Lynne Spears, First of all there is no "video" proof Lynne hit him juat a poor quality video and where are his screams of pain do you know what a friggin SUV weighs? When it runs you over, news reports say this guy didn't even go to the hospital and then has the nerve to sue Britney just for being there and what the "F" does Britney Touring Inc, have to do with it. Is this idiot not aware this woman hasn't toured in YEARS. Vulture, snake, leech....I'm sure a jury will give him nothing or the attorney will have to sue Lynne Spears it was her car and her DRIVING.

3052 days ago

Lynne B    

It's not just a begin from the south thing, my parents and grandparents did the same thing and I'm from maine. It is pretty sorry when all people have to do in their lives is stalk celebrities. and that is what they do "stalk", and what is worse is people are buying their magazines and justifing what they do. There are stalking laws in every state and I am sure these people are breaking them. We need to take it upon ourselves and stop buying those magazines, which I would not even line my kitty box with. Leave these poor people alone and let them live their lives how would you like to have someone follow you around 24/7. And for those of you who are giving her a hard time. Judge and you shall be judged.

3052 days ago


I'm no fan of Brit's music or acting, but I have to feel bad for her. We have ALL made mistakes, and luckily for us the whole world doesn't know them. Can you imagine if you were judged by the worst mistake you have ever made? Shame
on all of us for passing judgement, I have been guilty of it. Why should we hold Britney to standards that we don't hold for ourselves or family members?. Think about it, there's a Britney in all of our families....

3052 days ago


Marcelle, stalking is when someone does not want the attention. Up until Britney started making mistakes she welcomed every bit of attention she got. It's a bit too late now to complain about the media. If she really wanted to be left alone, we wouldn't see her talking to Matt Lauer on the highest rated morning show.

3052 days ago


I just wanted to say that I think Britney and Kevin should be left alone for once in their lives. This is Britney's first child and yeah sometimes she'll do things that aren't right but it's all part of being a mother!! NO ONE is a perfect parent and I couldn't imagine how she must feel having EVERYTHING she does right or wrong being shown around the world. I think she's taken a HUGE step in a positive direction and she shouldn't be critized for all of her actions!! She has SOOO many people in this world that just want to see her fail and it's not fair to anyone in her family. She and her family worked hard so Britney could be where she is today, she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth and people should respect her for that. I think she's doing great with her life and I just want to apaulde her strength and courage-YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!
Keep your head up and smile :)

3052 days ago


Whose life is this? Not ours. Maybe she doesn't let anyone photograph her because she is sick of these outrageous stories being stuck to them. This is her life, let her live it and leave her alone. Nobody would like it if strangers did this to them. Think about it. Who cares what happens between her and K-fed? It's her that has to live with him. As far as the baby on the lap, how many people can honestly say they haven't held their screaming baby while they were driving or at least seriously considered it. I really feel sorry for her because I don't think she realized her life would be so miserable when she got up and sang that first song. Everyone needs to stop being so nosey and leave her alone. Let her experience motherhood and marriage normally like everyone else. I bet she would love to go out to eat with her husband and to the movies without being crowded by a bunch of strangers with cameras ready to print some new lies. We take these things for granted. How many times do you think she will get to take her kids to the park and play with them? The press is hurting her and her kids.

3052 days ago


I cant believe she is using being from the "South" as an excuse for putting him on her lap. I think that the media has gone a bit far with her lately and she needs to be left alone. Im also a young mom and have made many mistakes that I needed to learn from but I can say putting my child in harms way wasnt one of them. Both of them havnt grown up yet and I honestly think that Kevin is just bringing her down. C'mon now he has two other kids with someone else and one with her and another one the way but hes trash and she is his meal ticket. Also she is probably the one paying for his child support for the other two kids and I dont agree with that at all. Its his kids not hers and he needs to find himself a career without Britneys name and help. He's a loser plain and simple and she made a mistake marrying him but that doesnt excuse her having more kids with him and making the situation itself much worse. I dont like to bash any celebs but honestly everything going on is pretty ridiculous and she needs to just grow up and realize that she is losing her career and face by doing the stuff shes doing. Besides all that I can see she loves her baby since every pic she is always with him. Thats good considering alot of celebs you dont see them with there kids that much.

3052 days ago


I live in the south now and Ive NEVER seen babies sitting on drivers laps, dont use that as a cop-out

3052 days ago
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