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Brit's PR Offensive -- K-Fed with Kid

6/12/2006 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Chris McCaw    

Don't be a dolt, Stephanie Lee. Just because someone you know did it doesn't make it right. It's a stupid thing to do and it's teaching bad lessons. Example: Look at Britney (the baby on the lap driving incident). I intended to say: Look at Britney's breasts! They're freakin' huge! I mean, EVERYTHING on her is freakin' huge since K-Fed-Lite's birth, but that's just outrageous. lol

3054 days ago

Chris McCaw    

Their statement that their marriage is just fine has gotta be the biggest joke since K-Fed said he wanted to sincerely do an 'Eight Mile' movie of his life growing up before the cash cow came to pasture!!!!!

3054 days ago

Jessica Ann    

Country....Give me a break! There is NO reason for a person I don't care who you are to be driving with a toddler on your lap. Plain and simple! The fact that these people keep procreating scares me!

3054 days ago


I am not a Britney fan at all. I think she used horrible judgment when she hooked up with K-Fed and then had kid(s) with him. But hey, I've dated some losers in my life, put up with some stuff that I shouldn't have and I even had a child at a very, very young age. My point is this: We all make mistakes, and (most of us) learn from them. But, unlike Britney, OUR mistakes aren't all over the front page of every magazine. So, just because you wouldn't or haven't made the exact same mistake that she has doesn't make her a horrible person. Give her a break.

3054 days ago



3053 days ago

Mechelle Brandenburg    

Geez, leave her alone! She's just being a mom and moms make mistakes. This may be the life she chose, but she has a right to privacy. As a new mom, I feel so bad for her. We make mistakes and if someone kept throwing my mistakes back at me, I can't imagine how I would feel. Let her be.

3052 days ago


Ok, there is a HUGE difference between driving in your dad's lap in the country and in a busy city. It was irresponsible. And she is talking about sitting in da'd lap driving, so she was a hair older than an infant. Just because our parents lets us do something, doesn't mean it was right. My mom used to let me eat ther cake mix out of the bowl and raw cookie dough. Now that we know raw eggs carry samonella, do I let my kids do it, NO!

3052 days ago

Tracy Caroline    

I think people are being much to hard on Brit. This is a young mother who loves her child, and like many other young mothers she is going to make mistakes some worse then others. But that don't make her a bad mother it just means she needs to learn from her mistakes. the different between her and others is someone is always watching her in the bushes waiting for her to slip up so they can profit from her mistake.

3052 days ago
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