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Dan Abrams -- Smart move for MSNBC

6/12/2006 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dan AbramsMSNBC has made a bold move by appointing Dan Abrams chief honcho at MSNBC.   Based on what I know, it's a smart move.

Dan and I have been friends for a dozen years.  He'll probably be mad at me for saying this, but sometimes I'd give him career advice as we worked out at a gym in New York City (not that I'm wiser than him, just older).

Dan is incredibly smart and he's not tainted by the corporate network culture.  He's not the kind of guy who believes in convention for the sake of it.  MSNBC has some great talent -- Keith Olbermann, Allison Stewart and Chris Mathews for starters.  They need someone with programming/business sense to package it all effectively.

Dan has a penchant for business stuff.  I remember there was a time when he was thinking of opening up a wine shop in NYC.  He really impressed me with an elaborate business and marketing plan -- wine, TV, whatever.  it's all the same.

There's a great book out called Desperate Networks.  The premise is that all these established network heads passed on the biggest hits out there, including 'Idol.'  I think it's a great move to take someone fresh, who's smart and untainted and give him a shot.   

I've got a good feeling about this move.

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I'm hoping that Dan Abrams has the sense to get rid of Chris Mathews. He's an embarrassment to MSNBC.I watched him during the National Republican Convention.He was abrasive,sarcastic and clearly put words in the mouth of the people he disagreed with that night. Very unprofessional, whereas Dan Abrams is very professional in his dealings with guest interviews. Hopefully Dan can turn this around or get rid of him. Thanks

3063 days ago


Congratulations to Dan Abrams. I will also miss The Abrams Report.

3063 days ago

Jeff Davidson    

I love Olbermann!

3063 days ago

Kris Baker    

"White bread" at MSNBC? Someone's obviously not watching full-time.

I congratulation Dan Abrams....and if he dares MESS with MY "Countdown", I'll be right there.
Don't make me do that.

3063 days ago

howard supporter    

I hope that Dan will get rid of the loud mouth Chris Matthews. I think once he does that he will see an increase in ratings for MSNBC. I enjoy Dan, Keith, Joe and Rita I adore. All the best Dan.

3063 days ago


Wow. This could be a good move for MSNBC. The Abrams Report will be missed however I am sure they will find a suitable replacement..... GO Abrams!

I can't believe what some people here have said about Chris Matthews. He is a brilliant political journalist that has pulled tough answers out of tough guests. With all the pad answers politicians have, he is able to break through them and get to the truth.... he just needs to reconsider his strong catholic beliefs... religion is as tainted as the spin he cuts through. He still remains an amazing person in my eyes though.

3062 days ago

Polly Salisbury    

Keith Oberman, Chris Matthews, & Larry Odonell these three amigo's should all be fired.You better not touch Imus because he is the biggest asset ever to MSNBC . You should find a program for Pat Buchanan . Buchanan, Scarborough,
and Imus are the most forthcoming and honest. Oh and the other one who should go is Alision Stewart who is not THE MOST she is not even the ALLMOST.

3061 days ago

don dixon    

It will be fantastic to see Dan run head on with Imus - You know the curmudgeon, who thinks hes God's gift to free advertising to all his friends. Dan needs to take some of that green cleaning stuff and wipe Imus off the schedule

3061 days ago


I will definately miss the Abrams Report, it's one of the better and more insightful shows on the network, but I am excited to see if Dan can bring any fresh and innovating ideas to MSNBC. I do have 2 suggestions:

1. We need more Melissa Stark, give her more air time as an anchor, her own show, whatever...

2. Can Countdown. Olberman's bit is getting old and he should have just stuck with Sportscenter. His anti-O'Reilly rants are annoying. Hey Keith just because Bill is smarter than you, has a superior show and is slaughtering you in the ratings doesn't mean you need to spout your venom at him ad-nauseum.

3061 days ago


I will miss Dan terribly, but you know I think Star Jones could take over that show and really fly with it. She is apparently unhappy at The View, is a lawyer and a good one, and brings a little controversy , not to mention a built-in ethnic audience. I remember during the OJ and Kennedy Smith trials she was the one I wanted to see. Even now, when she does quick analysis of current legal stories on The View, she is spot on, just like Dan was. Harvey, if Dan is your friend, give him a call, but don't take all the credit for the suggestion, OK?

3060 days ago


People, go Google: dan abrams ......and click on Google News and you'll see in all these news stories about Abrams being promoted and the status of distant third-place MSNBC (WHEN will it become NBC News Channel? Dan, are you listening?!) you'll see their bread and butter (((IS))) loudmouth (, yes!) Chris Matthews and his personality. They got Olbermann, too. Other than that, they got NOTHING. I enjoy Abrams, Matthews and Olbermann and I'll sorely miss The Abrams Report! lol God, what a DISASTER Coast-To-Coast with Monica Crowley and Ron Reagan, Jr. was! Still...... would someone PLEASE check Rita Cosby for a penis?!

3060 days ago


I am happy for Dan but I will miss the Abrams Report. I have to agree with Patricia about Rita, I can't watch her show because her voice to me is as irritating as fingernails being dragged across a chalk board. Also, Congrats to Allison Stewart for The Most.

3060 days ago

Dan Castro    


You will be missed dearly. The one show I look forward everyday. Great job and keep that logical sarcasm on going!
Dan C

3059 days ago

Sherry Y Townsend    

Dan Abrams is my favorite on MSNBC and I am so happy for him. It would be a real loss if he removed himself from any on air time. I certainly hope that he can do both. He is too talented to NOT contribute to the MSNBC family with live broadcasts.

Cheers to Dan!

Sherry in Bakersfield, CA

3056 days ago

Stuart Norwood    

Good move on Dan Abrams taking the reins at MSNBC. His first order of businesss ought to be clearing the decks of the entire roster of anchorpeople. They are hapless and will only cinch the channel's last place standing for the next 10 years. Get legitimate newspeople in those anchor seats with real credentials and credibility.

3049 days ago

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