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Richards Purrs with the Pussycats

6/12/2006 6:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards: Click to watchWhile Charlie Sheen was showing off his new girlfriend in Hollywood this weekend, his ex, Denise Richards, was busy getting down with an even sexier group of ladies, The Pussycat Dolls.

Denise was a guest Doll as the burlesque group took the stage at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas. Wearing only her sexy lingerie and larger than life hair, Richards served as emcee and ended the show by swimming around in a giant champagne glass, saying the experience was 'better than being a Bond girl!'

And anyone who actually saw her less than convincing turn as nuclear physicist 'Dr. Christmas Jones' in 'The World Is Not Enough' would certainty agree that Denise may have finally found her calling.


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With best friends like Denise....who would need an enemy? She broke the all time unwritten BFF code!

2998 days ago


I can't believe she's actually bummed at the reception Hollywood has given her. Duhhhhhh. One word...skank.

2998 days ago


what a no-talent bum...

2998 days ago


What a dumb whore you got there Richie! Heather has class, this is just another hollywood dumb ass scank.

2998 days ago


OMG she looks like a UGLY TRANSVESTITE!!! And could someone please tell me why this skank is famous? Oh right, for being a whore in movies(Wild Things anybody)!!!! Nice example she's setting for her 2 daughters. And she claims Charlie's the bad example. All these pictures of her w/ Richie in Europe, i'm wondering where her precious girls where??? Heather deserves a thousand times better than those 2 no good losers. Richie is a has been and Denise is a NEVER WAS!!! And to have the balls to say she was thankful that Brangelina had their baby to take away attention from her BUT A WEEK LATER SHE'S GIVING INTERVIEWS AND SWIMMING AROUND LIKE A CRACKED-OUT HOOKER MERMAID TO GET THE ATTENTION BACK ON HERSELF!!! I hope the judge sees right through her lies and Richie smartens up and realizes Heather is WAYYYY BETTER than Denise could ever WISH to Be

2998 days ago


SKANK! She makes me sick.

2997 days ago


"Don't cha wish your husband was hot for me?"

2997 days ago


Wow, what a SKANK!!! Not even in the same league as Heather Locklear!!! Just remember Skanky, what comes around goes around!!!!

2997 days ago


Wow, who couldn't do that? But then again, who would really want to do that?

2997 days ago


After dating Richie Sambora - I have no use for her at all - she now says Heather was not her bff because they didn't know each other more than a few years, however, they were very good friends and photographed constantly with each other in the past few years so what she did was unforgiveable, and I am sure it will come around and she will get "dumped" eventuallly by Sambora. Not that he is any great prize either.

2997 days ago


she definitely fits the scum of the year award. maybe charlie has problems but i don't see him flaunting himself all over the place. as for Heather she is a saint compared to Denise. Heather and Charlie should hold their heads up high because next to there exes they are definitely better parents and people.

2997 days ago


I call her the "Jaguar girl." Like the car, she is a parts-bin construction. ONe eye from this bin, the other from a different bin, and so on with ears, hair, lips and boobs. And like the car, she's extremely high maintenance and not worth the price. As every Jag owner will tell you, a second car is needed for replacement parts.
My mechanic calls the Jaguar the Nagwire, which seems appropriate for Denise.
- Sir Boss

2997 days ago


i think she needs 2 c a shrink...w/all dis publicity that shes been doing & all da accusations 2 her ex-husband, PLEASE u need 2 c a SHRINK denise & real fast...

2997 days ago


I don't know how anyone in their right mind can call Denise a good mother. As the mother of 2 I understand the need to "get away" once in a while but a good mother wouldn't EVER consider leaving the country to chase a rock-star and dump her kids on a grandmother with cancer. I've been through cancer treatment and trust me, there is no doctor in the world who would recommend caring for 2 small children as part of the recovery process. Denise is nothing but selfish. I don't know how much of her allegations against Charlie I really believe, but at this point, I think the girls would be much better off with him. As far as her non-existant career, the Pussy Cat gig didn't earn her any brownie points, that's for sure.

2997 days ago

Monica P.    

For those of you who posted saying that she left her children to go to vegas, You are so wrong. It just so hapened that I was in Vegas staying at Ceasars Palace this past week-end when she was there. I did not see the show, but I did see Denise in the hotel the following morning WITH BOTH of her children and I assume her nanny, they were getting breakfast and coffee. I think she is entitled to do what she pleases and who are we to judge her? Again we just know what we claim we know because of what we read, which may in fact not be anything close to the truth. There fore we should keep our mouths shut if we are going to talk down on someone when we dont know the TRUTH.

2996 days ago
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