Smells Like KISS

6/14/2006 4:28 PM PDT

Smells Like KISS

J.Lo has three, so does Britney. Beyonce's got one and Sarah Jessica Parker's is "lovely." These days it seems that everyone and their mother is putting out a fragrance. Joining the ranks of these gorgeous ladies in the perfume game is a group, which although known for their makeup, don't usually have people clamoring for their beauty regimens.

Macho rock-n-roll bad boys KISS are showing their softer side and creating a line of men's and women's scents, shower gels and body lotions. In true Gene Simmons fashion, all the products will contain pheromones, which are believed to increase your libido and sexual attractiveness. The entire line will retail from $20 - $50 and will be available in October.

Adding to the randomness, on June 27th the band will open the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Those wanting to catch a buzz will be able to order a KISS Frozen Rockuccino or a French KISS Vanilla off the menu. The cafe will also feature 20-foot-tall smoking KISS boots and rare KISS memorabilia.

With the band's latest endeavors complete, fans can now see, hear, smell and taste KISS. However to be able to touch them you'll still have to talk to their roadies.