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Celebrity Law Breakers -- Why They Get Off (2)

6/15/2006 7:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears driving with Sean Preston in her lap.Incident: Britney Spears drove last February with her 4-month-old son, Sean Preston, sitting on her lap, without a child restraint.  (Read the article: Exclusive: DCFS Investigates Britney)

Stakes: California law requires drivers to secure children sitting in the front seat who are under a year old or under 20 pounds.  A violation is punishable by a fine of $100, except the court may reduce or waive the fine if the defendant is economically disadvantaged. We're pretty sure Britney isn't.

Dispo: The L.A. County Sheriff's Department did not pursue the case against Spears, because the offense requires that an officer witness it and that didn't happen.  The Department of Children and Family Services paid a visit to Spears after the incident but we're told no formal action was taken.

Britney's child mishaps continued, the latest being an incident in which Spears stumbled outside the Ritz Carlton in New York City and nearly dropped SPF on the ground. She then muttered, "This is why I need a gun."

Britney is now expecting child number two.

Jesse McCartneyIncident:
Jesse McCartney, 18 at the time, photographed clutching a Corona in the 21-and-over Hollywood club Mood. (Read the article: Exclusive: Underage Stars Party Illegally at Clubs)

Stakes: For a minor in possession of alcohol -- are you listening Jesse? -- it is a $250 fine or as much as 32 hours of community service. 

Dispo: Jesse wasn't cited.  We wanted to know why.  The California Alcholic Beverage Control (ABC) told TMZ that in order to nail Jesse, someone from the agency must witness the incident.  A photo isn't enough.

By the way, Mood risks losing its license when it serves to underage patrons or even allows them into the club.  Although TMZ has video of underage celebs entering the club, including Mary-Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan and others, Mood has never been cited by the ABC.  An ABC spokesman tells TMZ they have now launched an official investigation.


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It is so freakin pathetic this website (tmz) will go to the lengths of interviewing someone such as steve o or any of the people they interview then turn around with the video of steve o with weed and take it into the police station. I mean what the h*ll is wrong with these idiots? First of all if he smokes weed good for him it is his choice, second of all do you really think people will sit and talk with you knowing you may try to incriminate them for anything they say or do? Weed should be legalized anyways, how many people die from a weed overdose? none thats right, now how many people die from alcohol overdoses? Thats right to many to count, yet weed is illegal and booze isnt, one can kill the other has never killed yet. Where are our brains? Oh and tmz if you guys wanna send this message to the police and try saying I am smoking pot go ahead because I dont smoke it ( use to ) but not anymore I am just all for legalizing it. You guys are a bunch of sick freaks who need to get a life instead of harrassing the celebreties........

3030 days ago


Oh and I forgot to mention so what if jesse is drinking a beer or whatever it is he is drinking. This country is so F*cked up, I mean damn you can go to war and fight and die for your country at 18 yrs old but the government will be damned if you can sit and enjoy a beer at 18. Last I knew 18 was considered an adult, you can move out of your parents home, work a full time job, smoke cigs ( just cant get coupons for them till your 21 though ), go in the service and possible die for your country but you cant enjoy a beer. Good god this country is so messed up. I think the least of our worries is someone at 18 having a beer, maybe you should try getting jackson off the streets before another little boy is raped. TMZ you guys suck. Oh and in the words of the greatest wrestling team ever TMZ I got 2 words for ya ( SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

3030 days ago


um to donnie, yeah i think u didnt get the point of the story. the journalist who did this story was trying to prove that celebs get special treatment. i really don't think that the staffer who compiled this info is against pot or underage drinking since most people probably have engaged in these activities. i like pot and i like to drink underage (only a few months left for me to commit that crime), but i still think that if i can get busted for it then celebs should too! so maybe next time you call our country fucked up for the laws against marijuana and the 21 drinking age, u could think first about how maybe it would be a little better if at least those stupid laws were applied to everyone equally.

3030 days ago

Richard Dietz    

Donnie O wake up. How many people have died because of a mix up while trying to buy the crap?

3030 days ago


I actually think it is kind of crappy that the website did that these celebs. I think the drinking age is silly anyway should be 18. Okay lets face it yeah celebs get off sometimes. I am not gonna cry over because you know what underage kids who are celebs get off too!!!!! 50% of my friends smoke cigs an were under 18 smoke no one is posting there picture they are faced with fines. Cigarettes are just as dangerous and addictive as alcohol. 50% of my friends have drank alcohol in the prescence of their family at family picnics get togethers. A lot of kids who do things under the age get off and they aren't all celebs.

3030 days ago

LaVerne Lindsey    

Your invasion of these people's privacy through these papparazzi style photos and articles should be as illegal as anything you're trying so hard to get celebreties charged with so you can make money. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You will get your own bad treatment one of these days for such behavior, and you deserve it.

And, tell AOL I'm sick of their participation in all of this, since it forces me to see it. I may just change my Internet service if this tabloid tone doesn't change soon.

3030 days ago


Donnie your a flippin idiot! No one has died because of smoking that crap - but how many people have died form buying it, selling it, and doing stupid crap while high on it! And the reason the drinking age is 21 is because teens cant hold their liquor and are too fucking stupid not to drink and drive so they had to bump the drinking age up! And these stupid celebs get all this speacial attention - they think they can get away with anything and unfortunatly they can! So before you go bitching that out country is fucked up - maybe thats you. Life is unfair - deal with it!

3030 days ago


Right on Donnie O. To each his own

3030 days ago


its f***ed up how rich white people can get away with this shit, but when others commit crime, they try to give life or the maximum punishment. i resent them all.

and they make things illegal at a certain age because your brain is still developing, and because you have lived 18 years doesnt make u an adult, especially if you have everybody being your bitch. speaking of the bitch who posted that first comment, you must be a kid just like dem white boys. grow the f*** up. and stop kissin ass and suckin d*ck. privacy is one thing but respect is another, respect laws like this little kid.

3030 days ago


Great comments Amy. Donnie-- I think you have fried one too many brain cells. Next time you want to write a book in response to an article you've read-- why don't you make it relate to what you've read!!

3030 days ago


If you're seriously thinking about changing your internet service for some stupid bull like this you're the biggest moron i've ever seen. There's X on the top right side of the box, CLICK the son of a *****. Quit coming to the website and crying your eyes because everything isn't your way.

Freedom of speech is ALLOWED, what these guys do is 100% legal. The fact that celebrities get off scot free for stuff normal people would get jailed over is not, if you had the intelligence of a ****ing doorknob you'd know that that is what this is about, and that most intelligent people aren't big fans of being treated differently, it's bad enough they get paid multiple millions of dollars for singing like **** or acting stupid. (Steve-O doesn't count, he's awesome) But the fact they get treated totally different is a load. Good day, celebrities try a day in real life, and Britney is the worst mother i've ever seen, if you don't like the Paparazzi, then start stepping on toes, they'll move.

3030 days ago


Dear LaVerne, If you don't want to read this stuff why did you come to this site? And, as janette says, the whole point of this story is that celebrities get special treatment because they can BUY IT. If you or I drove around with a child in our lap, the neighbors would call CPS so fast your head would spin. We wouldn't even have to be driving.

3030 days ago


HAHAHA you guys are so pathethic! like a bunch of whining losers! who cares if celebs get away with bumping a car, or drive through a parking lot with a baby in her lap. theres more important things in this messed up country to deal with... like pull our troups out of a war they dont belong in so we can have cheap gas again! thats right, the high gas prices are the direct result of us invading their country and forcing our laws on them... just like the british did 230 years ago!... anyway, suck it up and get over it.

3030 days ago


To Janette. Get your head out of your ass before you go off condemning someone else for their opinion. First of all, if pot were legal, then wouldn't it make sense that no one would have to die trying to buy or sell it? Furthermore, who would you rather be behind the wheel of a car with, someone who is high or someone who is drunk? DUH. This country is fucked up in certain ways, and this is just one of them. JMO. How about having your little brother go off to war and die and not be old enough to drink? Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds? You probably voted for Bush. As far as the article itself is concerned. No, I don't think it is at all fair that celebs get off for crimes that the general Joe Public would get into trouble for. It's all about money and power.

3030 days ago


Okay guys. Whether or not you agree with the pot and alcohol, infants die every day from this kind of treatment. Someone seriously needs to investigate Brittany and consider getting her child some decent parents that would have his best interest at heart. As for the rest, how much good would it do to slap a $100.00 fine on these people? They have millions, that would just be a joke to them. Unless they are made to serve time or do community service, it wouldn't do any good.

3029 days ago
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