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Claws Come Out On "The View"

6/16/2006 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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It's obvious to pick out the adolescents here. Still naive enough to beleive that Barbara Walters is smart, and Rosie O'Donnel is funny. And Bernhard speaks for itself. So ugly, yet so ignorant. What a combination! This irrelevant show uses the same formula as all the other network talk shows and Sunday Morning political shows. Usually about six extreme whacked out America-Hating 60.s freaks, and ONE traditional American. I just hope they pay Elizabeth enough to take the abuse of these blue state, arrogant, self loathing, man hating shrews. You've got more backbone than me, Liz. I'd rip their clothes off and really Scare America.

3001 days ago


Poor Tim Hasselbeck....being married to that hag Elizabeth has to be a death sentence. Just to hear her talk one can assume she is always on his back for just breathing. What a stupid bitch. I cannot stand the View anymore because of her puritanical take on any topic. Tim....get away while you can.

Joy is the only person on that show that's worth watching the View.

2997 days ago


I wish you would show Sandra's response to Elisabeth, whom I can not stand.

3050 days ago


Elizabeth is the only woman on there with a head on her shoulders. The rest are a bunch of liberal commies. Thank god for Liz. You go girl!

3050 days ago


This Hassel-taswsle babe is totally out of control. Barbara Walters almost jumped her across the table yesterday. She makes debbie mantelpolis (sic) seem like Albert einstein. I can't wait to see Rosie knock this babe out in the first round!!!

3050 days ago


Elizabeth is know in my household as Elizabitch. She hates gay people. (Her own mouth on that show she has said they gay marriage would lead the way of 3 people getting married and people getting married to thier dogs). I wish Sandra would of just bitch slaped Elizabitch ! Elizabeth has it coming.

3050 days ago


Elisabeth thinks she owns the show. She needs to get over herself. Barbara Walters asked the woman a question and Elisabeth went nuts because she didn't like the answer.

3050 days ago


Elisabeth is nothing but a Republican sheep.

I cannot stand her - nor can I stand Star at this point. When the two of them went on and on about how marriage is a religious event about a month ago I nearly puked. So basically, because my husband and I were married by a justice of the peace our marriage is nothing. I know the two freaks were trying to justify why gay marriage shouldn't be legal but in the end they made themselves look liek complete asses (which isn't hard for the two fo them to do these days)

I cannot WAIT until Rosie gets on the show. She's made it sound like she'll try to play nice when she's on there but you'd think that their "Hot Topics" section is a free-for-all. Joy isn't brave enough to pull those sticks out of their butts ... maybe Rosie can lay the smack down.

3050 days ago


sandra rocks.

if they would have let them go at it, instead of cutting to commercial, sandra would have mopped the floor with that right-wing airhead.

"she just advocates and then disappears!" loved it.

and yes, laura bush DOES have that glazed over, heavily medicated look in her eyes, doesn't she?

3050 days ago


Sandra is rude!!! She is like Rosie. I like the view but this show will go down hill and be cancelled. I think its wrong for the view to only have ONE republican on the show. Elizabeth tries so hard to defend the republicans and she gets bashed. I would do what Joy did. I have friends who are democrats and they didn't like Sandra's adittude. But I'm happy that someone on the view stand up for the first lady.

3050 days ago


Barbara must want both Star and Elisabeth to quit because we all know Rosie does not get along with Star but now Elisabeth is against gay marriages and everyone knows that is Rosie's thing...I am no fan of The View because I am working when it is on and probably would not watch anyway but it seems to me it is going to turn into the normal run of the mill talk show like what existed in the early 80s when talks shows began to be the 'in' thing. Too bad - I think this show and its host are a waste of time and money. Meredith was the only classy person on the show.

3050 days ago


Elisabeth is the who is like Rosie, attacking her own guests.

3050 days ago

Leo Belldaere    

That little Republican shrew needs to shut the hell up!

Besides, I'd be interested in what Sandra had to say back to her!

3050 days ago


Don't you people get it. The point of the show is to offer different VIEWS on things. If everyone was conservative, or liberal, there would be NO show! I like the fact each host stands up for what they believe it. It makes it a much better program to watch.

3050 days ago


It's incredible how a blow hard like Sandra Bernhard can be taken seriously.
She's a stand up comedian!!! Her opinions are simply that, and aren't
actually educated responses.

3050 days ago
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