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Britney - To Dye For!

6/22/2006 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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I think we should all just leave her alone.... Let her enjoy this time with her son. Who cares ...BIG DEAL!!!!

BRAD & JOLIE so tired of hearing about them and all this money on a photo. It's very sad...

3044 days ago


Aren't pregnant women advised against dying their hair? I don't know why, but isn't that the case?

Also, why doesn't she get one of those papoose things that slings around her shoulder to carry the baby in? Then she would be less likely to drop him. It's not like she can't afford one

3044 days ago

Amy Nelson    

I love her new hair color!! She doesn’t look so white trash!!

3044 days ago


she looks awesome.. Ivey you are a dumb hoe.
so does this mean if i dye my hair dark im trying to look like angelina too.
get a life...

if brit dyed her hair blonder you would have said she is trying tio look like Paris Hilton.

get a life

3044 days ago


She looks pretty!

3043 days ago


You are all a bunch of stupid people. First, who the hell cares what color her hair is??? And Second, there is no harm in coloring your hair while pregnant. Brittany is not the first person to ever do so either. Most pregnant woman who color their hair before, continue while they are pregnant. Get a life and get your facts straight. Ridiculous that you have nothing better to do then pick on her for haircolor. Get a life. Especially if you can be "pushed over the edge" for this. Books on mothering should be given to all of you.

3043 days ago


I could really care less about her hair but for all of you ignorant individuals trying to call her out for being a bad mother it isn't bad for the baby to die your hair. They suggest you not do it in the first trimester because your hormons are so up and down that it might turn your hair the wrong color. As a pregnant woman I give Brittany so many praises. I love all these hollywood mothers who have children and you never see them because they are being raised by a nanny. Kudos to Brittany for raising her own children!!!!!!

3043 days ago


"There are no data supporting harmful effects of hair dye, either, according to Dolan. "Very little dye reaches your scalp, anyway." The smells, however, can gross out a pregnant woman's overly sensitive sniffer." from

Brit still needs HELP!!

3043 days ago


For all of you who keep mentioning "isn't dying your hair dangerous when your pregnant"? No it's not.... It is a myth..... Ya'll need to get something else better to talk about. Brittney Spears is trying her best. How would you feel if someone was in your business 24/7? How would you feel if someone was "all up in that" they could tell what you had for breakfast? I would not like that and I kind of figure ya'll wouldn't either. Give her a break.

3043 days ago


Actually I own a hair salon and plenty of woman come in and get their hair dyed while being pregnant.
We use organic products so no harm can be done to the unborn child.
How does everyone know she did not use organic or some sort of all natural prodcuts.

everyone needs to stop dissing her.

everyone is always like how do you angelina took brad from jen well how do you know she donates 1/3 of her income to charity, did you read it in a tabloiod? yes... so what makes that statement true.

dont believe anything you read hear or even see....

the bulk of the trash is probably false.

Who knows K-fed could be a good husband.

If he was that bad i doubt she would stay with him

stupid people you guys are.

3043 days ago


Is it just me or does she look kind of like Ashlee Simpson in that shot?

3043 days ago


Ummm HOW DO YOU KNOW that Angelina "broke up a happy marriage" ???

Because Brad and Jen looked pretty together? You don't know what kind of issues they had.

3043 days ago


All of the people who keep saying pregnant women shouldn't dye their hair should get with it. Sure, if you are in a very closed in environment with no ventilation I wouldn't try it, but I am pregnant now and the first pieces of information my OB's office gave me addressed this and said IT IS FINE.

I think Britney looks great with dark hair and opposite the person who said she always looks like she's going to drop her son, I actually thought it was a very tender photo. She is cradling him and holding his head for protection. I do agree she should buy a sling or baby carrier, though. It would make things a whole lot easier on her.

As for Brad & Angelina............I'm really kind of tired of hearing about "poor Jen". How do we know what went on there? It could very well just be they weren't going to work out, Angelina or not. Everyone get over it already. Nothing anyone says is going to matter to any of the three people involved. What DOES matter, at least to me, is that B&A seem very devoted to their children, of which Brad and Jen DID NOT HAVE ANY. So I think that is the most important thing, that they are both devoted to the children and their happiness.

All of us go through heartache, Jen is no exception. Hers was a very public pain which is a shame.

3043 days ago


hey dittogirl... learn how to spell..... it's PREGNANT :) maybe you should check your spelling before you post anything!

3043 days ago


The hair dying thing is only for the 1st trimester. She looks ok with dark hair. At least she is taking care of her own baby. Not leaving him at home with nannies!

3043 days ago
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