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Halle Finally Gets A Good One

6/22/2006 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For all of her professional good fortune – an Emmy, a Golden Globe, an Oscar –- Halle Berry has had well-publicized bad luck when it comes to the men in her life. 

But in recent months she's been keeping company with Gabriel Aubrey, a Canadian model ten years her junior, and TMZ – after doing a little research – thinks she's finally found a keeper.

The "X-Men" star's romantic life has been a gauntlet of missteps and misery. Her two marriages, first to baseball player David Justice and then to jazz musician Eric Benet, both ended in divorce, and she's clearly regretful and bitter about the latter's much-talked-about infidelity. She recently told a reporter that having to pay alimony to Benet was "not good, especially when he cheats on you like 27 times."

What's more, Berry, who turns 40 in August, was reportedly left with almost total hearing loss in one ear after an altercation with a boyfriend, though the identity of that boyfriend has never been confirmed.

However, her latest beau, the 30-year-old Aubrey, has an unusually skeleton-free closet: No criminal record, no indications of infidelity, no signs of abusive or otherwise relationship-wrecking behavior.  He's been one of the top male models in the world for several years, earning $30,000 and upwards per shoot, and the two do make a remarkably handsome couple.

So even though Berry has quite publicly disavowed marriage as an institution, perhaps Aubrey will disabuse her of this recent notion – and prove that the third time really is the charm.

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Miss Thang    

When are ya'll going to add the boyfriend likes her giving it to him with a strap on when he can't enjoy his friends from the bar?

3024 days ago


When are people going to realize that all these halle and gabriel bashing on the net, is really a calculated effort by some individuals( a pretty good one too) to break them up. For some of these reasons:
1)some black men don't want to see "their" women dating outside their race even if they treat them like crap
2)If this relationship actually works then they don't get to say that halle berry is the issue and she is to blame for her past failed relationships.
3)They really don't want her to be happy not when they themselves are miserable.(They take pleasure in her misery.)
Think about it if this is really an issue about Gabriel's sexuality how come nobody is making a big deal out of the fact that Angelina Jolie was in a lesbian relationship for several years and is now in a heterosexual relationship with family and no one is making a big deal about that. (not that there is anything wrong with that) my point is they seem happy and people should allow them to be no matter what hey choose to do with their lives. Its a shame that these cowards hide behind the anonymity of the internet , It makes me wander why they don't make these comments in magazines because they can be easily sued if they have no proof to back up their accusations. I would like to say to these cowards(they know who they are) trying to intentionally ruin someone's reputation and possibly cause heartache and distress is morally wrong. Karma is a bitch and it will get you where you live.

2975 days ago


It's really unfortunate that Halle Berry has really brought upon herself with all of the rumors about she and the boyfriend, I wonder who she has pissed off. From the looks at the posts , a heck of a lot of people. Don't know if the happy duo can ride out all of the comments floating on the net, sad to say, since many of us want her to get it together. Also, don't think the comments are going to stop if they continue to be together, they'll only get worse, which is even sadder to say. In spite of all of this, I still wish them both the best of luck.

3023 days ago

Mischelle Kelley    

I have to say that I've judged Halle harshly in the past inside as well as out. I've stated that she isn't as attractive as people say she is. That statement was made due to the simple reason that tv/camera makeup hides flaws/imperfections we the public doesn't see. Tyra Banks, Jennie McCarthy,makeup artists to the stars and others have made this statement. I've come to realize that the "devil" doesn't make us do anything, but influence us to....well I bit the bullet. I came to realize that I was trying to dicount her attractiveness; like so many women have done to me most of my life. I'm constantly told how attractive, beautiful or pretty I am. I've had famous celebrities want to get with me....but I didn't have sex with any. One important point I want to make is that a lot of women have low self esteem; even the ones that are said to be beautiful or attractive. One of the ways you can tell is by all the men they date. A lot of the time we're looking for someone to love us, like us, or just validate us; because we can't see the exterior beauty in ourselves that others see in us. I've said those statement to say this. I no longer want to treat any woman (person) less than. God made our exterior to look individual of each other. I believe that everyone on this earth can be beautiful; because it comes from within. One more statement I want to make is "People please stop calling men Dogs/Dawgs. The word dog turned aroung is called GOD. The devil want you to put Gods' best creation down". It's up to us as individuals to find happiness in ourselves first. I'm taking a break from the dating scene and trying to work on myself, I will suggest that to anyone including "Ms.Halle Berry". I wish Ms. Halle Berry all the happiness in the world, because I wish for her what I wish for myself.....and even to all of you who read this. GOD BLESS YOU

2971 days ago


Looks like Halle and Gabey are doing serious damage control showing that they are still together, old pictures from last month from their golf/dinner outing in Miami are still circulating on the Web on one of the photo storage sites, think from or something like that, similar to the other pictures of them that were circulating on the various sites and blogs then (don't have the various links).
You can tell by the clothes and when Halle had her hair in those funky extensions.
So what's up? Wonder if we will continue to see recent photos of the happy couple other than the one's take before her trip to Tokyo? Don't know if they have said sayonara yet?

3017 days ago


I think its wonderful she has a relationship with a hottie because she is a hottie too. Great sex, great lovemaking, great couple, and maybe beautiful baby. SEX BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE IS JUST MARVELOUS!!

2967 days ago

Anonymously Yours    

Good God Almighty...can't believe all of the negative posts on Halle and the beau, no one really cares about the rumors (whether they are true or not) that are flying all over the Internet not just on this thread but on others as well. Don't ya'll have anything else better to do with your free time. Why can't you be happy for the girl for trying to find some momentary or lasting happiness? I hope your comments on this thread and others don't continue or force the end to this happy duo.

3015 days ago

Anonymously Yours    

Lynette--Have a psych knowledge and experience too, while Berry may show some of the symptoms of BPD she also shows some of the symptoms of ADD/ADHD as well as a few possible others. Who knows? She also shows signs of being co-dependent as well as being an adult child of an alcoholic which also have symptoms of BPD, ADD/ADHD and others i.e. anger issues, abandonment issues, control,etc. (ADD/ADHD--car accidents, moodiness/temper tantrums, living in a fantasy world, control, self-medicate, possible suicide, etc.). Whether she has any of these disorders, I don't know I am not a trained professional and neither are you. Judge less ye be judged. I am amazed at all of the psych and relationship experts on theses posts...

Regarding the Benet thing, he said he never asked for a dime from her, while it is said that Halle was quoted in saying that she pays him alimony. Benet also said that she hasn't had contact from her in a very long time--this is all bullshit. Benet did according to did try to break the pre-nup agreement and extort money from her which he failed to do. Berry doesn't not pay him alimony as far as I know. Also, she said in an interview last year that India called her upset on her cell phone wanting to know who the man was that she was being pictured with (Ealy-"just friends"). Case of he said/she said or supposedly said.

Who knows what really went on behind closed doors? Maybe he wanted her to lay flat on her back, be a housewife and nanny for the kid? Maybe she didn't want to put out after a hectic work schedule and maybe she thought she could change him? Who knows and who cares? Give it a rest. What goes on in someone else's house is none of my business.

And who knows what will become of the new boyfriend...

3015 days ago

Anonymously Yours    

LMAO--Maybe a little damage control by Halle and her publicist with the Photoshop photos from of her looking pg:

Halle Berry is not pregnant or at least to the best of my knowledge at the present time--can you say Photoshop? Regardless of wishing her the best whenever she has a child, she is not pregnant looking a little bloated or gained a little weight--that's how rumors get started . I will believe it when she confirms it. Saw the original photos several days ago on (not sure what the current page is now) of her in similar pictures with the caption that she's put on a little weight nothing more nothing less. In recent photos of her on various sites including or (maybe page 5-7, not sure with the photos of her from last month being re-circulated as pointed out to me by of her surveying her building site and her in Miami with Aubry doing golf and dinner) showing her in Tokyo on the 13th-14th for the X3 premiere, she didn't look pregnant in the press conference photos in tight jeans or the sleek tight fitting dress and new hairdo or wig--check the photos. She doesn't look pg in those photos at all. Nice try!

3011 days ago
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