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Stolen Photos of Pitt/Jolie Baby Shower

6/25/2006 6:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt, Angelina JolieLawyers for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have sent an email to various media outlets, including TMZ, informing them that "a digital memory card containing a number of personal copyright protected photographs" of Brad, Angelina and their children have been stolen and offered for sale.
The photos, taken in Namibia, "include images from a private baby shower."
The email, written by a lawyer for the powerhouse law firm of Lavely & Singer, threatens that anyone who publishes the photos "will be liable for substantial compensatory damages, punitive damages, and injunctive relief."

Click here to read the lawyer's demand letter.


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Who cares? Who REALLY cares? LOL

3007 days ago


I am so tired of hearing about these two. The media made their baby sound like the second coming of Christ! Who cares? The child was born out of wedlock, and is not a US citizen now. But I'm sure with their money it will be no problem to fix that. They're showing some example to their children as well as others. I'm disgusted with all of them, Brangelina, Tom and Katie and so on>>>

3007 days ago


Why is this an EXCLUSIVE?????

3007 days ago


Everyone that has a nasty comment to make about Brad and Angelina needs to back off. Seems to me you guys are just mad because know one is huntting you down for a look at your kids. No bids for your baby pics either. None of you bad mouthers have the right to judge them for selling the photo's and giving to charity , infact the odds are you've probably done alot worse. Maybe you stole something or commited fraud.Either way who the %$## do you think you are anyway? That's whats wrong with this world today, there are always those few who belive they have the right to comment on other peoples lives because they lack there own and those are the same few who keep wars and conflict brewing because they lack the intelligence to recognize any persons good or even great deeds and generosities. Don't be a hatter because nobody knows you nor do they care. But everyone cares about baby Shiloh,and her family. So there!

3007 days ago


I for one am sick of hearing about angelina and brad. Enough is enough already.

3007 days ago


You do NOT have to "file" a copyright for your work (photos, writing, etc.) to be protected. Whoever took the photos is the legal copyright holder, period. If the copyright holder wants to sell them, that's their right, but they're legal to publish only if they agree to do so.
Further, as the lawyer's letter states, they were taken in private, with an expectation of privacy. Even celebrities (and more so their kids) get the right to that tiny bit of privacy, unlike what they're allowed once they walk out their own front doors...

3007 days ago


You're ****** kidding me, right??? I've been reading some remarks such as: 'THEY sold pics of their kid, so they shouldn't care if someone ELSE makes some money also!'

Seriously, I swear to god...You're completely RIDICULOUS! Yes, they sold the first pic to the highest bidder....It was THEIR BABY!!! AND THEN THEY GAVE THE MONEY TO CHARITY!!!

WTF would YOU do with the money??? Yeah. That's what I thought, moron. You'd go and blow it all on YOURSELF. Not anyone in the world that TRULY needs charitable help.

Whoever took that photo card needs to be jacked up the side of a tree and hung by their god damn tongue. Give back the photo card and get a life, you useless piece of crap!!!

3007 days ago


I am so sick of hearing about their kids. What makes their children any better than the rest of Americas?I just can't understand what the big deal is.

3007 days ago


I just read this story while casually brousing the morning news. This cracks me up. 1) If they want to keep their pics private, they have a right to do so. 2) If you the rest of you got a life and didn't feed this BS no pics would have been stolen and NO ONE would have cared in the first place. The hell with these people, come on, do they help you make your mortgage payment? Do they give a crap about you... besides the weekend their movie opens? Are they lowering the cost of gasoline for you? Are they bringing our guys home from Iraq? Look, I have no idea if they are good people or not but who really cares? Beisdes, for my money, the best little baby in the world is my little 18 month old. No my little guy's mom is a lawyer, so on second thought ... ya'll keep up your crap it will ensure her profession always has work writing stupid letters threatening law suits.... So keep on supporting pop culture garbage!!!!!!

3007 days ago


You people are so judgemental and stupid. If they cough on the patio you guys get a rush out of looking them. So shut up and stop pretending that because you see them on tv and the net you are irratated. Its apparent that you like coming on here and bitching and moaning. Just because they are in a movie doesnt mean you have to harrass them and stuff. There are actors out there that movies everyday and for some reason nobody likes to report on them. Its all about the consumer what they want what you people want.
SO YOU GET OVER IT ! Leave them the heck alone.

3007 days ago


People are people. We elevate them up to higher or lower statuses than ourselves. But all humans have emotions and no one likes to have people steal from them. Especially people who have children. It's not fair to say that someone deserves to be stalked and have their privacy invaded simply because they are famous. Especially when they are famous and rich because we would rather pay to see them in movies and in magazines instead of putting that money into stopping global warming and more fuel efficient cars.

3007 days ago


I don't understand what the big deal is all about. They (Brad& Angie) have put every aspect of their life out there for all to see. So why should they worry about baby shower pics? When you put your private life out there like they do, this should be expected. I believe they brought this on themselves.

3007 days ago


trust me all these people on here hating are the first ones to fund these celeb tabloids. Nobody deserves to have anything stolen and how about they gave that money to a charity unlike so many other celebs who have kids and take the money for themselves. She gives a 3rd of all the money she makes to charities. So give them a break nobody wants to think about people taking pictures when they have a new born, or kids period!

3007 days ago


No matter what their selected job is (be it actor or mayor or engineer or street person), they have a right to a private life. You would be upset if pictures taken at a special time in your life was stolen and then 'published' out for all to see.

3007 days ago


first, right, who cares ..... second ..... he two timed his WIFE, what makes this funny looking, lips blown up bi-otch think he'll be faithful to her??? third, they seem to have a penchant for selling their 'kids' photos.... i repeat, who cares!!

3007 days ago
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