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Hot Priests Who Look Like Hot Stars

6/27/2006 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to view!TMZ found the most unusual calendar -- Calendario Romano 2006.  It features 12 great looking men of the cloth. Each seems to bear a striking resemblance to some big celebs.

The calendar goes for $12.25 with some of the proceeds benefiting The Food Chain an HIV/AIDS charity out of London.  Check out the preview of the 2007 calendar.


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No but I would hang it in another room. Its decent enough. I like that its for hiv/aids.

2855 days ago


Wow! Where were these priests when I was in Catholic school? Or now for that matter. If I had a priest like this in my church, I'd be at mass every Sunday and Saturday! Ayyy carumba. And the holy men are way hotter than their Hollywood counterparts. Let's start a "Holywood" movement.

2854 days ago


In fact, none of the models for the "Calendario Romano" calendars is or ever has been a Roman Catholic priest--I refer you to this link:

Also, the more observant may have noticed that the costumes worn by the models are usually ill fitting, sometimes incorrectly worn (last year, one of them actually had his biretta [hat w/pompon] on backward!), and are often "vintage" pieces showing wear and being of a somewhat archaic cut; finally, some models (if not in this calendar, then in previous "Calendari Romani") have had long hair or exotic facial hair that no priest (of the sort who would wear cassock and broad-brimmed hat, anyway) would have. Sorry to disappoint, all, but handsome as many of them may be, they're not the real thing and, to those in the know, not convincing.

2854 days ago

Kenneth Hill    

On my bedroom wall? More like under my pillow.


2853 days ago

Andrew H    

These can't be real priests! I think they're models dressed in sheep's, I mean priest's, clothing. If priests were that good looking, I wouldn't have such a hard time finding a handsome one for defrocking!

2853 days ago

Larry Lauzon    

Three problems with these photos, most of the supposed priest do not look like their hollywood couterparts, so an unfair comparison. Secondly, if such a calendar were real all proceeds would go to charity, and the Catholic Church would never approve an AID's cause as a recipient. Third, I do know some hot young priests and one of the the first things they do is have their priestly garbs altered to fit them. Even the Pope wears designer duds, the idea of an Italian priest wearing such ill fitting and outdated costumes is rediculous. I also notice that origin site for this calender is located in England and not the Italy or the Vatican state. Obviously for profit of somebody and I don't think any charity is involved.

2851 days ago

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