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Star Jones No Longer Enjoying "The View"

6/27/2006 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star JonesOn the heels of Meredith Vieira's departure for the "Today" show, Star Jones Reynolds announced on Tuesday that after nine years of trading barbs with Barbara Walters and Joy Behar she will not be returning to "The View."

On-air Jones said the reason for her departure was because "the show is moving in another direction for its tenth season."  But the daytime diva tells PEOPLE magazine a different story.  Jones says her contract was not renewed, adding "I feel like I was fired."

Reports had been surfacing of Jones' exit ever since it was announced Rosie O'Donnell, one of Jones' biggest rivals, would replace Vieira.

Although no announcement has been made about Jones' replacement, rumors had once circulated naming Oprah Winfrey's best gal pal Gayle King is a possibility. Gayle has denied that she will be joining the show. In a recent article New York Daily News columnist Lloyd Grove named radio talk show host Bo Griffin as another possible replacement.

Jones will stay with "The View" until mid-July before taking time off to plan her next move.


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Good. I'm glad she's leaving. Nobody cares what she has to say anyway. Maybe she can console herself with another surgery, or a butter soaked ham with gravy soup.

3009 days ago


Good Riddance!!!! I will finally be able to stand watching again. However, I think bringing in Gayle could turn into the same monster. Barbara needs to keep better control.

3009 days ago


If Gayle is smart I think should stay away from the View. I feel sorry who ever decided that Rosie O'Donnell should join the group.

3009 days ago


Thank God she is leaving. The View, started to be a vehicle that was all about Star Jones. Her engagement, her billion dollar wedding, her various surgeries, and her personal feud with Rosie O'Donnell. The real focus should be on EACH of the 4 women, their opinions on different aspects of what is going on in the world, and on their guests. I have heard that since the weight loss, that Star has taken on a new persona, one of a DIVA, and felt that she was the STAR of the show, and was becoming to big for her britches there. (pun intended). I guess them NOT renewing her contract, was a way to bring her down a peg or two, and make her realize, that in the grand schemes of things, she isn't ALL that. In fact, I tuned out being a viewer, because I was getting tired of all things STAR.

3009 days ago

Lance K.    

I wish her the best with her career and life in the future.

3009 days ago


OMG look at her neck. How can her head even be supported by that thing?

3009 days ago

Eleanor Avila    

Star, you are a woman of character and that seems to bother some people. That is o.k. though because as you said, you know who holds your future. God bless you!!

3009 days ago


Boy what a lot of bitter women on this site. Star was just as diverse in her opinions as everyone else was. I really would like to know the demographics/backgrounds of all these women who are spewing this venom against her. I'm sure 95% of them will either be unhappily married, bitterly single, wishing they were thinner or stuck in a job that is going nowhere. It's time to get off that bandwagon and strive to make your life all that it can be. Women are the crown jewels of creation. Embrace that and stop tearing other women down. years .

3009 days ago


Star has not been the same since she lost her weight and the rumors about her leaving have been swirling for a long time. Her departure from The View has been a long time coming. However, Rosie O'Donnell is not the answer to replacing Meredith Viera. Meredith carried the show with style which Rosie doesn't have. And to bring Gayle King into the show would be Star all over again. Why not consider a male co-host?

3009 days ago


shes nothihng but a fat ugly dumb is she to marry a gay gay?the women should be on montel...not the love to see gail in her place

3009 days ago

Tanga Anderson    

Good for Star! The only other one that I liked has already left. Joy gets on my nerves always cracking corny jokes, and Elizabeth just makes me sick everytime she opens her mouth. It's hard trying to sound intelligent amongst women who really are. Star was smart and she never dumbed down for any of them. I am sure that Star will be successful wherever she goes and as long as she's on TV, I will watch her.

3009 days ago


Thank goodness they fired her, it is about time. She was too opinionated and wanted everything for free, as if she were entitled to it. I am tired of hearing about her Gay husband and her non-relevant life. No one on TV will want her, I hope she kept her attorney licence.

3009 days ago


Thank God.. She was always so stuck on herself and not what America needs to see everyday... I have absolutely no idea how she has made it as far as she has anyway... she has no talent and can't even interview....

3009 days ago

mary fitz    

Rosie O'Donnell is a nasty, pushy hag. I can't stand her loud mouth BS and turn off any time she is on a show. Rememeber the way she treated Tom Selleck? Good riddance to the view. Meredith was the best part of the show.

3009 days ago


wish star the best, hope she'll eat something soon before she disapears. am not happy with rosie comine on board, she has too big of a mouth and it's not going to be a give and take show of ideas. it will be a scream fest of what rosie wants. shame on you barbara for letting this take place.

3009 days ago
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