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He's Not Fried,

He's Toasted

7/3/2006 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

hamilton_wi_0704_260-1George Hamilton is cashing in his chips, spending what limited time he may have awaiting certain diagnosis of melanoma hocking low-fat chips. Nice, George, you're saving the arteries of millions of people.

In just another quirky ... er... ironic, ok, gross turn of advertising genius, Nabisco has tapped sun worshipper George Hamilton as spokesman for its newest product toasted-and-not-fried chip. On June 27, George appeared in the "No-Fry Zone" clad in a fluffy robe and kicking off the low-fat ad campaign to onlookers in southern California's Hermosa Beach.

In typical one-up-manship, Nabisco challenged Maxim magazine's egomaniac cover-seen-from-space publicity stunt, as he unveiled the World's Largest Beach Towel.


Measuring 125 x 75 feet and officially recognized in the Guiness Book of World Records, the towel won't be soaking up all the attention.  At, the Human Ember is featured prominently in typical lap-of-luxuryness, lounging in a beach chair and popping the brown chips.  Viewers are encouraged to ask George's Magic Golf Ball a question.  When asked, "George, how do you stay so brown and so healthy?," the magic ball replies, "Try putting some tin foil around yourself and your odds may increase."  So there you have it - George is helping keep America beautiful and healthy by encouraging baked potato behavior.

Sources say Hamilton is currently being considered for the "World's Most Toasted Man." (Just kidding.)

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wendell dixon    

That dude tan year round is scary-lol

3033 days ago


i agree with darlene and barbara. at 60 something, he certainly has aged gracefully...still handsome and debonair! and he has retained that wonderful sense of humor! get off his case, tmz...what cynicism from people who probably are only half his age and have only accomplished a small percentage of what he has accomplished. he's paid his his age, he deserves respect. and if he's escaped skin cancer after all these years...good for him...

3033 days ago


Well said ladies...George Hamilton is a classy guy!

3032 days ago


yup George has another young star on his hands and boy is he smiling! Last time I seen him this young model was rolling him in butter............. one lucky guy!

3032 days ago


Who's up for some lobster? Seriously, might as well just install tanning lights instead of flourescent ones, which he probably already did.

3032 days ago


I don't like the tan, never have. I do, however like George. He is always smiling and having a good time. On Dancing With the Stars, his self-depricating humor and charm were refreshing in an era when most "stars" don't know how to address the public and come across as fake.

3032 days ago


The failed NBC sitcom 'Jenny' (1997) w/ (genital mutilator) Jenny McCarthy, wasn't that bad of a concept and George was good in it.

3031 days ago

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