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Jen and Vince's


7/5/2006 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did the romance of Paris sweep Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston into a secret engagement while they were there together last month?

Well, if you believe Life & Style magazine, Vaughniston isn't just engaged, they're getting married "sooner rather than later," according to a story posted on the Internet Movie Database.

But Aniston's rep Stephen Huvane quickly quashed any speculation today to TMZ, saying that the rumors were not true.

According to the Life & Style account, the down-on-one-knee engagement happened while the couple were in Paris promoting "The Break-Up." "Friends" quoted by the magazine claim that Aniston even invited her former mother-in-law, Jane Pitt, to the wedding, that Vaughn has gone on The Zone diet in preparation, and that Courteney Cox will be the matron of honor.


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Who gives a red rat's ass what the so called stars do with their lives. They are not as important as they think they are. If they go away there are many more in the wings waiting for their chance. Brittney Spears is another one that is coasting on her newswothyness and will go away soon She has as much talent as a pile of dog crap.

3005 days ago


Good for Jen !... she is just great !!.......Is truth all this thing about laugh!!...The beautiful face is not everything ......We just have to give Brad and Jolie..few time and see the final of the story.......Julie is such a crazy women!!! just be patient and wait what will be the final!!!!............she will change even Brad's beautiful face when she'll get tired.

3002 days ago

tom wittek    

The more I see Vince,I really like him.He was so funny on the Ellen Show,and was so kind to the audience members,when playing the guess the hmmm songs.I dont think Jen complained at all ,compared to other ceebs who air their crap,and I think we all need to quit telling her to get over wimpy Brad.I really believe she has moved on,so why dont we.Wheter Vince and Jen make it or not,I dont believe she is using him,and I truly believe he brings laughter,kindness,and confidence through all of that crap Brad and Angelina so publically displayed,and though I am not obsessed at all,I really think Vince is a really neat person,looks good,and am glad that he seems to genuinely makes Jen feel good.

3001 days ago


I like Jen and Vince together.She's better off without that cheating Brad.He'll tire of Angeho and move on soon enough.

3001 days ago


Jennifer is so into herself, there is no room for anyone else in the relationship. It is pathetic how she is trying to use Vince to convince Brad that he made a mistake. She wanted to pursue a movie career-he wanted to focus on family--they both got what they wanted--but could not do it together. Jennifer needs to let go and move on--and no amount of flaunting a pretend relationship is going to convince anyone that she has moved on yet.

3001 days ago


So SICK of hearing about Jen & Vince. Almost as much as Brad & Angelina.

3035 days ago


Every girl want's the Brad Pitt type (or just Brad Pitt) but she's already done that, so I think that she should stick with Vince. Personally I think they are cute together!

3035 days ago


Brad and Angelina aren't that lucky, that she'd finally STFU, go away and marry her gay/beard of a boyfriend.

Aniston makes me sick

3035 days ago


Damn. I dont like Jen, but i have to feel a little sorry for her, going from Brad to Vince, lmaooo... thats like going from benz to a honda civic.. Peoples 2time sexiest man of the year compared to ...... 1half of the wedding crashers. damn shes lame

3035 days ago


I don't care much for Jen, but I really feel bad for her. She seems so pathetically desparate to stick it to Brad. Vince just looks like he's being used.

3035 days ago


Personally, I love Jen. Feel sorry for all couples to be involved with this publically, but oh well. You make a million(s) a year I make...less
My first husband, well it didn't work. Second one is great! Somethings just play out for the best.
Good luck to Jen & Vince
Always pick the one who makes you laugh! Good looks will fade but laughter keeps you young!

3035 days ago


It said Non-engagement !!!! Leave them alone and let them be happy . You guys bitch either way about her!!! If she's happy let her be....

3035 days ago

Nikki Haze    

A Benz to a Honda Civic? idiot logic of the week.
Who the hell cares what BRAD PITT looks like, he isn't aging well and laughter (VINCE) is gonna keep Jen lookin young and glowing. Who knows what B Pitt is like behind closed doors, didn't he show what kind of person he was when he left Jen and got Angie pregnant a few weeks later - and doing the husband and wife photo shoot for W magazine? They are together for a reason and who is it for anyone else to condemn it for the shallow @$$ outward appearances. B. Pitt is a Benz filled with CRAP and Vince is a Civic filled with FUN!

3035 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Apparently looks aren't everything...she's already been with Brad, so she has found someone a little less handsome, who cares, I bet he treats her like GOLD!! Thats the most important, don't you all think??

3035 days ago


Hunter you sound like a loser. lmaoo the poor girl dated the first guy who came her way, shes pathetic..

hahahaha@ "laughter keeps you young" who told you that bullsh*t kid?

Dont be mad at brad for moving on with his life, and upgrading women

3035 days ago
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