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Let's Get This Party Started: Top Stories for 07/06/06

7/6/2006 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katharine McPhee is working so hard on her debut album that she' s hurting her voice, and sources tell TMZ that FOX is none too happy about it.

In fact, the "American Idol" runner-up has such severe brochitis and laryngitis that she missed the opening night of the Idols summer tour.

Kat has been ordered by her doctor to give her pipes "total voice rest," and has had to give a vow of complete silence until she's better.  FOX sources tell TMZ that McPhee has also been complaining about touring, and wants to focus more on laying tracks down in the studio.

Last night, McPhee was a no-show at the kick-off of the "American Idols Live!" tour in Manchester, NH, a huge disappointment to her legion of fans. McPhee said in a (written) statement that she was disappointed she couldn't perform, but "I need to follow my doctor's orders to recuperate and reunite with the rest of the Idols."  There was no word on when McPhee might return.

One concertgoer, Gail Johnson, told the AP, "It bummed me out."

Madonna: Crazy for Kabbalah

As if there were any doubt, Madonna's holiday weekend in New York made it clear that the onetime Material Girl is crazy for Kabbalah.

The pop queen, in town on her Confessions tour, took in services both Friday and Saturday at the New York Kabbalah Centre, raising a glass of Arak liqueur on Friday night to toast the ceremony, according to Rush & Molloy.  Then, the next day, her Madgesty came back, and husband Guy Ritchie told the assembly about a documentary he's making on about Kabbalah, and pointed out the links between the symbols of Kabbalah and Freemasonry.

Meanwhile, a charity that Madonna is promoting during her tour has significant ties to the controversial Kabbalah Centre. As MSNBC's Jeannette Walls points out, Raising Malawi, which helps orphaned children in the AIDS-ravaged nation, was founded by one of the co-founders of the Kabbalah Centre, the New-Agey offshoot of the Judaic theodicy.

Whatever Kabbalah is teaching Madonna and her family, it's certainly not helping her kids Lourdes and Rocco enjoy the pleasures of childhood. In addition to depriving them of television, Madonna removed a bowl of candy from their table at the Macy's fireworks extravaganza Tuesday night, according to a witness.

J.Lo Casting Spells on Her Men

In other strange-religion news, J. Lo's former husband says that the singer-actress allegedly cast "voodoo" spells on him and other former (and present) beaus like Cris Judd, P. Diddy, and Marc Anthony.

Noa's claims were made in a deposition that he gave in connection with the couple's agreement that barred him from discussing their marriage, says Rush & Molloy. Lopez paid Noa $150,000 to stay quiet, but Noa asked for even more money to keep his mouth shut; the saga ended last week when Noa agreed to a gag order. And reps for Lopez didn't comment.

Lopez has reportedly sought the help of Santeria, or Way of the Saints, which incorporates an African tradition of chanting, trance states, and other practices, in her decision-making. In 2003, Lopez reportedly squashed her marriage with Ben Affleck after being advised by her spiritual adviser to end it.

Heather Erases Richie – Literally

Heather Locklear went to a tattoo parlor recently to make soon-to-be ex-husband Richie Sambora's name disappear from her left hip – and Star magazine (through MSNBC) says she's having the tattoo covered by a rose.  What's more, Star says that the "Melrose Place" vixen has added the name of her new guy, David Spade, to a tat on her ankle, using the name of his "Just Shoot Me" character, Finch. Still, the stars have denied any permanent relationship.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Marrying in Chappy?

Super-preppy Martha's Vineyard was abuzz over the weekend with speculation that hip-hop and R&B royals Jay-Z and Beyonce were going to be married quietly in Chappaquiddick, better known to most as the site of Sen. Ted Kennedy's infamous automobile accident. A source tells Lloyd Grove, "Word is that they were trying to rent out a huge house on Chappy for the festivities. Everyone was talking about it."

However, a Def Jam record rep says that they were indeed on the Vineyard, but didn't get married. But the same rep refused to comment on whether a wedding was in the works.

Pete Doherty Says He Loves Kate Moss' Bones

In an interview to be broadcast Friday on BBC One television, troubled rocker Pete Doherty says he still loves his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss, and that he is being tested bi-weekly for drugs in an effort to get clean. 

Doherty says that he thinks Moss has "had enough," but tells interviewer Jonathan Ross, "I love her bones, I always will."  And though Moss may have quit him, he says he will not quit on his recovery from drug addiction this time: "For the first time in my life I'm upping the stakes in my battle against it."

Joan Rivers Agrees With Star

At least someone has Star Jones' back: Joan Rivers told The Strip podcast that she would've done the same thing Star Jones did when she announced her firing on "The View." "I'm not one of the girls, so I don't give a ----, as long as they keep using me on "The View." But if someone was firing me, I'd come out and say I was fired...Star did exactly the right thing."

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more like katherine i make sweet love to the camera with eyes so mcmuch i cant concentrate on singing so i lost american idol

3002 days ago


gosh, people are already jealous of kat's beauty!

3001 days ago


gosh, people are already jealous of kat's beauty!

3001 days ago


Just wondering who Ms. McPhee's PR people are-maybe Tom Cruise's? First the story about her bulimia published in 'People', in the issue following Taylor Hick's being crowned America's hottest bachelor, hmm....Now her not being able to sing at the very first Idol concert, hmmm...Any publicity is publicity, whether good or bad, it keeps people talking, Unfortunenately for Ms. McPhee, it won't sell her albums. It seems to me she is finally being exposed as to what she is all about a -selfish little diva.

3001 days ago


I completely agree! I thought it was very convient that when people stopped talking about her all the sudden she comes out and says she has battled bulimia for years, but overcame it in 3 months! Give me a break!! I'm so glad Taylor won!!

3001 days ago


yes, Kat looked very SICK on Sunday when she was spotted by People magizine, at a resort, in a swimming pool playing kissy face with her old man boyfriend. Yes, she looked real sick....

3001 days ago


Putting Katharine down doesn't make me feel better about myself because I have a healthy self-image. Sure she's pretty and can sing, but her attitude on Idol and the annoying way she stared into the camera like she was singing 'just for you' grated on my nerves. And for the record I hated it when Ace sang into the camera as well. Taylor is not the run of the mill Idol and that is so refreshing! He is not into himself and appreciates his win. Kat's comments after she lost made it sound like if she couldn't win then she would just say she was glad she didn't and pretend to be gracious about it. I bet she was seething,

3001 days ago


There was a picture of Katharine laying out on the beach in a magazine less than a week before the tour started. If you've ever had bronchitis before, you don't just "suddenly" get bronchitis. It usually develops over time...which means she had it before opening night of the tour. So, why was she laying on a beach instead of in her hotel room resting? PEOPLE published a quote by Kat that said she was going to "miss long days on the beach" while on the Idol tour. Funny how she suddenly got so ill before it started. Maybe she's an attention seeker AND wanted more vacation time? Also, if Kat really DIDN'T want to go on the Idol tour like the source on this website said, that would be another reason for "bronchitis." If she's lying, I think it's really disrespectful to the fans. Those people voted for her and supported her until the end, and now she doesn't want to perform for them after they even bought tickets? Pretty snotty to me.

2999 days ago


I think the single units sold in a week tell all....42,000 to Taylors 190,000 the first week and his being #1 also. Katherine's was #12 with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and if you go to Billboard's website the experts say it will probably not go any higher. Rainbow has been on the top charts several times over the years. Destiny only made #42. Taylor was just now down to #14 in his 3rd week.

McPhee wants to be an actress..Idol was her stepping stone. I just wish she hadn't been runner up because I don't think the record deal means alot to her. It is too bad someone else who really lived for singing had gotten it.

I know there are alot of rumors out there floating such as she is not happy with her record deal, 19 is not happy with her, her mother put out the statement about her illness and said she won't go back to singing until the dr gives the ok.
That is interesting since she and her boyfriend were spotted in the pool at the hotel last week swimming and definitely going mouth to mouth.

All I can say is she has a trained voice and has for years. If her voice is going to give out this quick she will never be able to have the stamina for concerts or personal appearances. I am sure it will all "clear up" in time for her appearance on the "The View" July 19th.

2999 days ago


I think with the announcement of Chris signing with Production 19 and Clive Davis going to produce the cd...that answers alot of questions about Katherine.
To announce this while the tour is going on is really something.

Congrats Chris....

Katherine is going to ruin her fan base if she is not more reliable whether she pursues singing or acting. She has taken quite a few missteps lately which started out with not showing up for press promoting the tour. That is part of her job representing AI. Very sad.

2997 days ago

Idol Fan    

How disappointing for her fans that paid good money to see her in concert.

Poor Kellie Pickler still had swollen cheeks from having her wisdom teeth out a week ealier AND had just learned about her grandfather's heart attack when SHE SHOWED UP for the concert I attended.

If Katharine wanted to be there, she would have been there. Wave from the stage and sign a few autographs if you can't sing. But have the heart to BE THERE.

Runner-up my a$$.

2993 days ago


If she truly is bulemic, it is a long term treatment and one doesn't get cured but rather deals with it on a daily basis. And you don't get over it in three months.

2991 days ago

Sharyn MacNeil    

Nobody is jealous of Katherine McPhoney. Everything about her is an effort to push her into the spotlight. Bulimia (you don't get over years of afliction in three months), bronchitis and laryngitis (you don't get over that in one night - it takes weeks), and whatever else she can think of to try to get attention. She's certainly not pretty enough for anyone to be jealous and, she CAN'T sing worth a darn. She's always flat and doesn't have any expression in her songs. It's just a real shame that someone else from American Idol couldn't have gotten a record deal instead of her. She will not make it. She's too much of a phoney and soooo conceited I can't stand it. I think I'll throw up if I ever have to hear Over the Rainbow again. THANK GOODNESS TAYLOR WON. He is the epitomy what an American Idol should be. He's the best.

2991 days ago


She's a PIG!

2990 days ago


I don't necessarily think that people who "don't like Kat" are jealous of her, nor should they be criticized for expressing their feelings about her. She is definitely NOT just a singer and this was definitely not just a singing contest. The title Idol suggests that the winner represents the whole package... looks, personality, ability to entertain. If people are put off by her or are left with the feeling that she is stuck on herself, that is a true representation of how she makes them feel. Does that mean that is really who she is? No. But the fact that she leaves people with these impressions is the reason she didn't win. And America has the right to express how they feel about people who parade themselves into the spotlight for the express purpose of being judged. It's the price you pay for your shot at stardom.

2983 days ago

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